Fitness on the go

Fitness on the go

Mobile apps

Pursuit of fitness has never been easy. Even those who are dedicated to fitness find it difficult to exercise regularly when travelling. This is because gym memberships are restricted to a city and for a few days no gym allows a person to use their facilities.

This impediment has finally conquered as a few fitness apps have hit the market that give a person the flexibility to choose different gym and fitness models at different time and location as per their convenience.

For instance if you are travelling to another city for a few days, say Delhi to Mumbai, you don’t have to miss your daily workout. Just search for a fitness class through the app and it will show all its partner centres in the nearby area. Without any extra charges, you can access any of these places any time till you are there. This also applies within the city as well.

To use this facility, all you have to do is to subscribe to these apps and become a member.
FitMeIn is one such app that provides these facilities. With over 350 locations in Delhi/NCR and other cities, it offers 120 workouts options like zumba, yoga, hot yoga power yoga, aerobics, pilates and 10,000 plus fitness sessions per week.

Vishesh Goel, co-founder of FitMeIn, says, “Many people are not able to make it to the gym. The reasons vary — some say it is because of their hectic schedule, others say they are bored of going to the same gym and doing the same workout.

“When we visited our nearby gyms and other fitness centres, we found out that most of these places were just 40 to 50 per cent occupied. We then decided to build a network with all these places and whoever enters the network can access any of these places which they find nearby and worth going,” he added.

Unlike regular gyms where you are asked to take yearly membership, FitMeIn allows you to recharge your account as per usage.

To subscribe to FitMeIn, one has to buy fitcoins which are like recharge coupons. For fitness enthusiasts who work out every day, they can buy 30 fitcoins for Rs 2,499 a month, and for travellers and people who prefer going only on weekends get 10 fitcoins for Rs 1,299. The best part is that these fitcoins have no expiry date and you can use them at any point of time.

To encourage people to boost their health and fitness level, FitMeIn also rewards their customers when they meet desired outcome.

Another similar start-up is ClassVerse that offers free and unlimited access to fitness studios, classes and gyms across a range of Indian cities. Their monthly membership starts at Rs 999.

Explaining the model, Rukaiya Kanchwala, ClassVerse founder, says, “Not locking down customers and giving them the freedom and flexibility to choose where and when they workout is the key to our model. Our partner network and diverse range of classes will ensure customers keep coming back for more.”

The online platform Gympik has about 10,000 fitness centres and more than 5,000 fitness professionals over 20 cities across India. Each of these centres offers three free trial classes.

Amaresh Ojha, founder of Gympik, says, “The idea behind these kinds of apps is to help people who are always on the go. These kinds of apps make workout fun and when someone enjoys doing something, they are dedicated towards it.”