'Subtle humour works better these days'

'Subtle humour works better these days'

Playing director

'Subtle humour works better these days'

Not everyone is able to live his or her dream. Actor Komal, who always wanted to be an actor and could never imagine himself in any other profession, considers himself among those few lucky ones who have been able to.

Looking back at his rather long career in the Kannada film industry, Komal says with a sense of pride that he is glad that he has been able to essay so many different kinds of roles with ease.

His last release, ‘Kathe Chithrakathe Nirdeshana Puttana’, has been running to packed houses both in single screen theatres and  multiplexes. Komal, who plays the role of a film director in the movie, says, “I am overwhelmed by the response and appreciation that I have received from people for this project. There’s comedy, suspense and romance in equal measures. I have been trying out different characters and a lot of people say that they like the characters that I have been choosing all along.”

The actor is currently busy with two things — the construction of his house that he has personally designed and planned after a lot of thought and the release of his next film ‘Deal Raja.’ About his role in ‘Deal Raja’, he says, “I play a conman who finds new ways to con people and make money. However devious the route, the man is willing to take the risk and go the extra mile to make money,” he explains.

 Komal says that he wants to break-free from the tag of a comedian and attempt all kinds of roles. “I don’t want to get stuck doing comedy or predictable roles. I have played the lead in a lot of projects and now I have consciously changed my preferences and started looking out for projects that not only offer a unique character but also provide enough scope to explore the actor in me,” he adds.    ​

He feels even comedy has changed. “I don’t think movie goers like straight and in-your-face kind of humour anymore. Subtle humour works better these days,” he adds.

Komal says that he doesn’t want to sign any new projects until he finishes with the construction of his house. “There are a few features in the house that need my personal supervision like the green house in the terrace garden. I have always grown a few vegetables in whatever little space is available and now the new house has been designed to have more space to grow these. I have always wanted to eat what I grow and I now have the opportunity to do it my way,” he shares.