Themes to rock

Themes to rock

Swedish group

Themes to rock

Bellaroush’, a Swedish band, will perform on March 4, 9 pm, at BFlat, 100 Feet Road,
Indiranagar. Their genre encompasses back-beat rhythms of reggae edged with electro-beats, hip hop, soul, punk and pop and their music ranges from emotive soul ballads to engaging, energy-laden high-tempohits.

The band features Magnus Hagström on lead vocals and guitars, Moa Jonsson Länne on lead vocals and keyboards, Elin Nyberg on trumpet and backing vocals, Felix Björklund on keyboards, samples and backing vocals, Johan Karlberg on the bass and Annelie Johansson on drums and percussion. The band’s India tour includes a few gigs in Goa, New Delhi and Chennai, apart from their performance in Bengaluru.

They also filmed an acoustic video in Goa which will be released  soon.     The band was formed in 2009 by lead vocalists Magnus Hagström and Moa Jonsson. Bellaroush plays a new, different type of reggae which is often considered future reggae.

Some of the major festivals ‘Bellaroush’ has played at are Skandalos Festival in Germany and some of their songs include ‘Comfort’, ‘Nothing Wrong’, ‘Sun Goes Down’ and ‘Political Play’.

The event is organised in association with ‘Treeonz’. ‘Bellaroush’ has explored ways to challenge the reggae genre and blend different musical backgrounds of the band members.

The six-piece band features singers whose powerful harmonies deliver hard-hitting lyrics about strength, weakness, love, solidarity, protest and revolution.
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