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Last Updated 28 February 2016, 18:40 IST

It would not be an overstatement to address Sadat Ahmedy as the master of many.
A mechanical engineer, his life drifts away from the mechanical routine and takes an eccentric and quizzical path. With an anomalous resume, Sadat is a model-turned-choreographer-turned-fashion photographer-turned-director (the hyphens go on), who also teaches Mathematics and Physics to 12th grade students!

The 23-year-old jaunty entrepreneur, who was awarded South India’s youngest
entrepreneur a few years back, has exploited his opportunities to the fullest, becoming a name to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

     “It all began with a model hunt,” Sadat explains adding, “After this I did a print ad and a couple of shoots for different lifestyle brands. But this wasn’t it; I was not completely satisfied with my work. I took to photography and was the official photographer for New Zealand cricket team. Since fashion was imbibed in me, I started off doing photoshoots for fashion magazines. Even then, something was still missing.”

He craved to be much more creative and a bigger achiever. The youngster does not fear experimentation, which led him to direct a fashion show in Mysuru.

His trial as the director of this show was a success, with 2,500 people turning up for his first fashion show.

“They all turned up as they believed that I was capable of something and I believed in myself too,” he says with a tinge of pride.  The success story of his first show derived a new tale when he started his own company ‘Cincinnati Talents’, after which he is credited with directing many successful shows.

With a view to redefine fashion and take it away from the usual stereotyped notions — with anorexic and white models topping the field — he looks forward to getting natural beauties on the ramp. He explains, “I train models for free. I do photoshoots and groom them to fit the glamorous quotient in the most realistic way. My photoshoots do not have edits. In case a model has a scar, I like to retain that scar as this captures the real

     He looks mostly at the local talent and grooms them to become big names in the modelling industry. It is this humble approach that has brought him lot of fame at a young age and he credits his success to his father.  He says, “My dad is always encouraging and is my hero and best friend.”

What makes him stand apart from the rest is that he respects the creative space and gets the best out of people he works with. 

He explains, “I make friends with the models I am working with and I respect them for beingin one of the toughest industries. They are not meant to be taken for granted as they have reached the stage after a lot of sacrifices. They deserve to be treated in the right way and I look at them from their perspective, which makes my job easier and make them comfortable.”

     He wants to promote common faces and ordinary-looking people as models.
    He says, “Fashion should cater to everyone, irrespective of their size or height.”
He adds that he sees the challenges and hurdles in his active profession as a golden ticket for greater good and signs off, “I am still young and I deserve to try out

(Published 28 February 2016, 14:43 IST)

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