A slice of reality

A slice of reality

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A slice of reality

Crime is an inexhaustible repository of cinematic content. Director A M R Ramesh, who revels in making movies based on real life crime, now delves into the incidents revolving around a high profile murder, in his latest release ‘Game’.

The director is thrilled with the product and says it has an international flavour to it. “The film has been shot at such a fast pace that you wouldn’t really have the time to let your mind wander,” he assures.

Ramesh has roped in Bollywood actor Manisha Koirala to play the role of the high society woman, who eventually gets murdered. “I couldn’t think of anybody better than Manisha to play the character and she has done full justice to it. She instantly agreed to play the role after we narrated the script,” he says.

Ramesh has also transformed the looks of actor Arjun Sarja to suit the role of an investigative officer.

“Arjun has lost a lot weight for his character. We needed a sharp, shrewd-looking person, to essay the role and we found what we were looking for in Arjun. He is best known for his roles as a cop or as an action hero but here we have tried to give his role a different feel and look altogether,” explains Ramesh.

He recollects, initially, Arjun wasn’t willing to work on the project, “The script was read by his daughter Aishwarya and it is she who forced Arjun to work on the script,” he says. The story and the script, says Ramesh, is the result of his eight-year long research. The director believes that every story must just be narrated in an effective way. “People may draw similarities to existing cases or connect it to some of the high-profile murder cases that we have seen across the country and in our own City. But I haven’t pegged the story on any of these happenings. The film is a reflection of what is happening in society in general,” explains Ramesh.

He also philosophically states that life itself is a game of sorts where everybody is playing their own games to survive.

“Even here, in the film, every character plays his or her own game and everybody has their agenda to pursue. The plot thickens and the story deepens when each of the games get revealed. The story makes sense when the individual puzzles and games are put together,” he adds.

Ramesh prefers to call his film a woman-centric one. “There are a lot of aspects about women that has been dealt with in the film. The murder of a high-profile woman, unleashes a host of questions, some of them have answers and others still beg for an answer. It is left to the audience to interpret the happenings in the film in their own way,” feels Ramesh.  

The movie has been running to packed houses and Ramesh says one of the best compliments he received was from legendary music composer Ilayaraja.

 “I felt honoured when Ilayaraja sir complimented me after watching the movie, saying ‘You have done your job really well,” Ramesh says.