Tales through rap

Tales through rap

Early start

Tales through rap

While music genres like rock and metal have a huge following, rap in India is still relatively unexplored. Hervin Alex, a 21-year-old studying 2nd year BHM at Acharya College, is one of the few rappers that the City has produced. He started rapping at the age of 13 but took it more seriously only at 17. Going by the stage name ‘Alien Cause’, he says that this alter ego never lets him be ‘human’ as every where he goes, people look at him in a different way, because of his baggy clothes. In a chat with Ananya Revanna, he mentions that he loves to tell stories that are real and bitter through his rap.

You already have a mixtape titled ‘HAIL’ out. What keeps you going?

Honestly, the mixtape was an accident. In 2012, I made my first track, ‘No More Pains’, and took inspiration from my personal experiences. I took 2 months to finish the lyrics for the track and then, I spoke someone about it. That person suggested I drop a mixtape and that’s where it all began. I was depressed at the time because of a break up and I wanted a way to deal with the pain. Making records was the only way. 

Your influences?
Artistes like Eminem, Dr Dre, Evidence, Tupac, Easy E and Game. 

A bit about ‘HAIL’.
It is an 8-track mixtape. You’ll find tracks about relationships, break ups, ex’s and mo­re. While I was writing mo­st of the tracks, the beats helped me write the chorus. Some beats actually speak to me and ask me to place them a certain way. And I will accept what they say because they speak to heart. ‘Flirtish Babe’, one of the tracks, was about a relationship with a flirt. Every single line means so much to me. 

What are you working on at the moment? 
I’m working on 3 projects — two solo albums called ‘DETAINED’ and ‘Human’s AIN’T THE SAME’ and an album with my crew, ‘Hip Hop Hooligans’.
What inspires you?Everything is an inspiration. I see a kid drawing or playing the guitar and I take that with me, get motivated and write. The same goes for my tracks, I give them a listen and they keep chanting in my ear; I start making music.

How do people react to your music? 
They take in every sound and show their support by sharing their feedback on social media sites. This way, an artist can take things in and work on it. These days, people are more accepting of all genres. Rap was hard to push in the initial stage, but of late people are accepting it because of artistes like Brodha V, Smokey, ‘Hip Hop Kanndigaru’, ‘Low Ryhderz’ and ‘Hip Hop Hooligans’. 

Some of the challenges you face.
When I experiment with tracks, I don’t get enough sleep because I am worried about how it’s going to sound. Other times, it’s hard to focus because of funding (the lack of it). 

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