A smart eye up there

A smart eye up there

A smart eye up there

Eye in the Sky
English (U/A),Cast: Helen Mirren, Alan
Rickman, Aaron Paul
Director: Gavin Hood

The theme of “Eye in the Sky” is that modern warfare, with all its advantages, comes with great risks. And with drone technology playing an important part in military operations, tough decisions are often taken by those operating the devices.

In this thought-provoking take on military use of drones, British colonel Katherine Powell (Mirren) and American pilot Steve Watts (Paul) are assigned to guide a drone against terrorists in Kenya. However, they have to take a tough call when a girl accidentally enters the target zone.

Mirren, Paul and Rickman are not that attractive for many young viewers, but when it comes to acting they never let down the audience. With a fine, controlled acting from the trio you get to see a realistic film.

“Eye in the Sky” is tense and engrossing. It sends a clear message about the dangers of drone strikes and its international ramifications.

Instead of having complex and sophisticated CGI effects, the aerial scenes are stunning. The filmmakers’ decision to present the concept of drone warfare than the action scenes itself brings the humane side of unwanted conflicts.

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