Bring home some spring

Bring home some spring

If you want to bring in a vintage spring-time appeal into your home, try an embossed finish in floral motifs...

Bring home some spring

When spring arrives, there is perhaps only one thing that there is on our mind: spring cleaning. Yes, spring cleaning is an effort and takes up a lot of time, but nothing prepares your home for the change in season better.

While we love to delay it, there are easier ways to give your home a breath of fresh air. To get you going, here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to have your home ready for spring:

Let there be light: There is no doubt about the fact that letting natural light in can brighten up any home instantly. While the sun’s glare can sometimes be too much for us, you can soften them by using appropriate curtains. Store away those heavy, dark coloured drapes and bring out your lighter ones. Curtains made of cotton, fine gauze or any other fabric are a great way of letting the sun shine through. Pick lighter, pastel shades if you have floor length curtains.

Bare it all: Warmer days mean no longer needing to insulate your rooms with rugs and carpets. While these are perfect for those cold winter nights, these will only pick up dust during this season. Additionally, carpets placed on non-furnished areas tend to make the room seem closed-in. So, give them a good clean and put them away. But if you must cover a floor space, use a long, rectangular rug.

Brighten up the wall: Something as simple as a colour change goes a long way. For spring, you want your home to be soothing and cool. So, why not bring down the temperatures by repainting in cool colours like mint green and sky blue. These makes your room look spacious and also amplifies the light. To add a bit of depth to your space, you can add a contrasting texture or colour to give the room a lighter look. And if you want to bring in a vintage spring-time appeal into your home, try an embossed finish in floral motifs.

Perfect linens: Transforming a room for the new season can be as effortless as changing the linens. For the bedroom, floral print bedsheets and pillow covers are a wonderful classic. But for those who love a little quirk, try using prints such as chevron or polka dots in bright colours. These combinations are great for a lively atmosphere. Add a little texture with pillow covers embellished with lightweight trims like pearls and beads. Interspersing these with a few pop colours along with  a solid colour palette are sure to draw all eyes to them.

Add something new: While most of us would be weeding out things that we won’t need anymore, why not add in a few new pieces as well? It is spring cleaning, after all. For instance, in the living room, one way to add the new is to remove multiple small accoutrements and replace them with a big accent piece such as a large, fluted vase or a large mirror in the room. The mirror will not only give an illusion of more space, but will also reflect more light.

These ideas are super versatile and suit any interior style, including an art-deco style. So, get started on your sprucing plans and give your home a makeover for a new season. Anything is possible if the right decor elements are used for your home!

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