It's the right choice

It's the right choice

It's the right choice
Pursuit of a slim, trim body has never been easy. From working out at the gym to eating diet food, there are other ways which can help you can hit the goal. Did you know that you can look 5 to 7 kilos slimmer just by choosing the right outfit based on your body type?

Opting for the right colour, cut, pattern and in-built seam help knock a few ‘virtual’ pounds off from your body. Knowing your body shape and wearing clothes according to your body type can dramatically change how your figure appears. One should know how to balance their body and learn to conceal their flaws and reveal your assets.

Shape is the element of design which define silhouette of the body, says Monica Garg, a celebrity image consultant. She says body scale is very important for figure evaluation that can help you explore the best possible version of yourself.

Based on the seven body shapes — inverted triangle, hourglass figure, triangle, rectangle, diamond, tubular and oval — Garg suggests some tips:

For petite women
n Wear one colour from head to toe.
n Wear clothes with vertical stripes only.
n Smaller print patterns, small accessories.
n Empire line dresses and tops will help to aid length to the body.
For tall women
n Go for horizontal lines.
n Wear larger and bolder prints.
n Use colour and contrast to break up the height.
For medium women
n Average-sized patterns.
n Accessories should neither be tiny nor extra large.
Inverted triangle
n Minimum detail on shoulder line.
n Low to medium necklines.
n V necks and U necks.
n Pants with side pockets.
Hour-glass figure
n Jackets with waist
n Wrap dresses.
n Saree in flowing fabric.
n Surplice tops.
Triangular shape figure
n Pattern and detail on top half only.
n Jackets and coats with wider lapels.
n Dark jeans and trousers.
n Well-fitted petticoats under sarees.

Rectangle shape wear
n Structured and shaped jackets.
n A-line shirts in salwar suits.
n Belt to emphasise waist.
n Deep V necks.
Diamond shape wear
n Semi-fitted clothes.
n Straight and slightly flared skirts.
n Low waist skirts and jeans.
n Empire line and A-line dresses and tops.
Tubular wear
n Small shoulder pads.
n Bias cuts skirts.
n Semi fitted garments.
n Deep V necks.
Oval wear
n Vertical stripes.
n Low waist jeans.
n Jackets without lapels.
n Draw attention up and close to the face with necklace scarf and make up.

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