Twin murder spurs police to secure soft targets

Twin murder spurs police to secure soft targets

The city police have decided to implement various measures to ensure safety of men, women and couples who stay alone.

“A large number of aged couple, men and women stay alone in the city, while their children stay in other states and abroad. Such  persons become soft targets of criminals. We have decided to build a database of such persons in east, northeast and southeast parts of the city,” Additional Commissioner of Police (East) P Harishekaran told Deccan Herald.

Electricians, plumbers, domestic helps and assistants were involved in many such murders in the past. The victims’ children came to know about the murders only after the police contacted them. In most cases, the victims were well-off as their children regularly sent them money. The suspects committed murders as they knew the victims’ backgrounds thoroughly, said the police.

“We have begun creating the database. I have instructed DCPs, ACPs and police inspectors to work on it. We have decided to convene a meeting of men, women and couples staying alone at the police commissioner’s office on May 5 to sensitise them to safety issues,” Harishekaran said. The police have decided to issue the participants a booklet of do’s and don’ts and numbers to contact during emergency.

The police will hold regular interactions at the local level with such persons. They will be in touch with the children of such persons through e-mails. The police will intensify patrolling and community policing in areas where there are soft targets.

“We are planning to rope in Janaagraha which has covered around 25 areas under comm­u­nity policing. We will instruct such persons to verify antecedents of assistants and workers before employing them. Beat constables will be directed to keep a strict vigil in such localities,” Harishekaran said.