Today's letters

Today's letters

FM in Catch-22 situation
This refers to ‘FM faces Hobson’s choice’ (DH, Feb 22). The finance minister is confronted with narrowing the colossal fiscal deficit on one hand and ensuring a growth-oriented economy with a ‘robust’ GDP to be achieved in the forthcoming fiscal. The FM is in a catch-22 situation, with no other option but enhancing of indirect taxes like excise duty and service tax. These taxes are likely to be hiked to 12 per cent to bring it on par with the proposed GST rate of similar percentage.
The agriculture sector is starving for funds and is in a ‘parched’ condition, virtually making it non-viable for the farming community!
Ashok Jayaram,


In keeping with Taliban policy
The act of beheading of two Sikhs is in keeping with the policy of the Talinbanis to liquidate all the “enemies” of Islam in the world. The earlier one took place when the Bamian Buddha statues were pulverized into powder by the Taliban’s Afghanistan cadre. Previously, their Pakistani mentors had shot down the plane carrying the then C.M. of Gujarat, Mr. Balwantrai Mehta, in broad daylight during the Indo-Pak hostilities of 1965. Also, in the closing stages of the 1971 war, the Pak fighter planes dropped Napalm bombs inside the Indian Territory on the Rajasthan border. This heinous deed was clearly in contravention of the terms and conditions of the Geneva Convention.
Vineet Phadtare,
Vakola, Santa Cruz (E),
Mumbai 400055
Atrocious action
The killing of sikhs by Taliban forces which kidnapped them is highly atrocious. It is high time that the international community not only US and the West but also the whole world including Arab nations should cooperate in eliminating the terror forces especially from the muslim countries like Pakistan and few others.Arab and other muslim nations should realise that these misguided muslim terrorists are spoiling the image of their religion by their brutal behaviour and should fully coopearte in eliminating them totally to ensure peaceful coexistence among different nations.   
AECS Layout 2nd stage
We shoudl not buckle to terror
This is in reference to the recent stories around terrorist outfits targeting IPL3 and stories that English cricketers won’t play in IPL.
I feel that IPL 3 must not be played outside India owing to terror threats.We have already missed IPL 2 and seen the disapointment on the faces of IPL fans. If we keep getting scared of terror attacks and do not venture out ,it is an encouragement to those terrorists who would look at exploiting our fear and weaknesses to turn our country into a terror hub.
We must trust our security forces and believe in our country's defence.Terrorists are just looking at scaring players and officials so that IPL does not take place in India.The first season of IPL was also said to be on the hit list of the terrorist outfits,but they were not able to do anything other than scaring us.It is time to fight terror and let those with wrong intentions know that we are not going to back out due to their 3rd class threats.It is time to forget terror and enjoy IPL 3 with true cricketing spirit.
Adarsh Bharadwaj
Thindlu main road,Vidyaranyapura post,
Prove that it was not a fluke win
It was no doubt a thrilling victory for India in the 1st.ODI against South Africa, but it is necessary for the Indian cricket team to win both the remaining two matches to prove that the first win is not undeserving !. This doubt has arisen because this match should have ended in a tie since Sachin Tendulkar could not actually save the boundry as per the video clippings where his fingers appear to have scraped the cardboard cover of the rope, resulting in one run short.There should not however be any grouse over India going one up,as the decision of the umpire ruling in favour of the fielding side is final !.

Unscrupulous citizens responsible
This refers to the letters to you on recent attacks on Traffic Cops .We citizens are responsible for this state of affairs.
There are breed of unscrupulous citizens who gloat over how they got away even with murder  ,with their connections!!!!
For eg. even Two wheelers Ride on the footpath knowingly, violating a law. When a violator is fined he/she invokes everybody’s name from a peon to CM in /outside the government.
When one violates a law one has to pay for it. Don’t negotiate. If you are fined pay the fine ,demand a receipt, and talk less. At least the money goes to the exchequer of the state. Stop bribing if you can!!!!
Why just blame Police who can not implement  a median without the approval of a petrol bunk at Udupi Garden Signal, BTM..
M.S.Sharada Prasad
BTM Ist stage, Bangalore-68

Increase police-public inter-action
It is disturbing to know that there is a sudden increase in cases where policemen are being either beaten or bitten by the 'offenders' ! Recently,our innovative and people friendly Commissioner of Police,Shri.Shankar Bidari introduced a system where the Police and the Public could interact. Such a move would instill confindence and increase comfort levels of both while dealing with each other. While the men in khakhi have shown some restraint in dealing with offences, it is strange that the offenders have assaulted the policemen ! There is something wrong somewhere ! There are several people's fora where such issues could be sorted out.While one expects a cordial relationship to exist between the people and the police,it is unacceptable to find breakers of law assaulting policemen when they are caught.
It is suggested that a panel consisting of Sociologists;Psychologists and some Spiritual leaders along with successful administrators be formed to go into the present system of dispensing/enforcing law and order and make appropriate changes wherever necessary.
The policeman should not consider his job as a means to earn monet, but he should consider his position as a special responsibility towards the society in which he and his family are a part.Presently, if the people are seen as hostile towards the policemen who display cruelty while enforcing law,even this policeman's family faces the wrath of the people.
Palmsprings Layout
Kanakapura Main Rd
Bangalore 560 062

Govt will not agree
It is good to hear BJP president's call to Muslims to allow Ram mandir to be constructed at Babri masjid site. He can rest assured that even if Muslims agree, UPA government will not agree for reasons of minority appeasement.
V. Ramakanthan.
Bangalore.  560055.

Fuel hike
On the one side those who are using LPG, are fully aware that the gas cylinder is heavily subsidised, and any time the petroleum ministry hike the price to reduce the subsidise amount of per cylinder. But on the other side as per media in this budget the government could announce a new scheme ---a free LPG connection with a cylinder and a regulator for every family living below poverty line (BPL) to cover 70 lakh BPL families. Though the decision is appreciable, the big question in a country where for nearly 18% of the population, two- time meal still a luxury, 22% of the population living under open space, shall get this opportunity? How will the local authority implement the safety measure and curb the misuse of cylinder remains a big question.
Also, on one hand there is acute shortage of LPG and on the other, weighing machines are manipulated, leaving customers with less gas even when the machine indicates the stipulated weight.
Interestingly the ill is not in Faridabad only but on my recent tour of Chattisgarh, Maharashtra and Kolkata also it was confirmed it because the cylinder gets over in half the time it normally would last! The monetary value is double ~ Rs 622.00 for the same period. My only fear is that the LPG connection for BPL will create more corruption and more shortage of the LPG, though I’m in favour of the connection.
Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee
Sector 23 A
Faridabad 121005
Prices hit  the roof
The Union govt swears by the aam aadmi(common man) day and night.But the prices of essential commodities are beyond his reach.
The govt has failed to control the prices.Perhaps this would be a very high priority issue the Oppostion would raise in the Budget session of Parliament.
Will there be rlief for the commonman affected by high prices in the Budget to be presented by our Finance Minister Mr.Mukherjee?.

Unfortunate death
In the most unfortunate death of Com.WR Varadrajan we lost a dynamic Trade Union Leader of very high values.Com.WR as he was popularly known was with the RBI earlier on and was appointed in 1967 if I remember right.His mentor was Sri.A Natarajan who was spearheading the movement of TU in RBI then.Com.WR was one of the best leaders ,a very great orator and a good writer also. He would address a huge of gathering of employees in good English, Hinsi and Tamil.
 WR lived a very simple life all through his career.Though a very militant Trade Unionist, he was  a very soft person and helped everyone in the Banking Industry. WR joined as a Class III and spurned his lucrative job for the cause of Trade Union activities!WR never was after any promotions and left RBI only as a Clerk.WRV is physically no more a but he will live in the hearts of the Working Class eternally.There can only be one WR! We Mourn Him!
Retd RBI Chennai
T.M.Maistry St.
Chennai - 600 041
BBC's Doha programme
Watching Teesta Setalvad on BBC's Doha programme was like watching  a traitor speak. In spite of the minorities having better conditions than most of the other Islamic countries, she chooses platforms outside India to malign the country. It is indeed surprising that she was awarded a Padma Shree in 2007.The impression she gives is that in India everything -starting from history to jobs- is distorted and partial. It would be prudent for her to seek greener pastures where she can espouse any cause she wants.
K Jayasimha
3rd main, 8th block,jayanagar
Bangalore 70

Flawed rule
The Man of the Match rule seems to be flawed somewhere, because the award is given only to the member of the winning side.  
Considering the performance of Jacques Kallis in yesterday's one day match, injustice is done to him, because he was the architect of Indian demolition, striking early blows taking 3 main wickets, bowling at an economical rate of 4 runs per over, and giving butterflies in their stomach to the men in blue when he went on to pile up 89 runs.   His performance by far was the best and deserved all accolades, but,  just because his side lost, he was deprived of the glory due to him.
Compare this with Ravindra Jadeja, the man of the match, who scored only 22 runs, got only two wickets, except that he had two maidens to his credit, besides a good economy rate of under 3 rpo.  Wonder, if that was enough of an achievement for this recognition.
Prakash F Madhwani
 Industrial Suburb, Yeshwanthpur,
Bangalore 560022

Nada Prabhu Kempegowda layout
What is there in a name, especially in a name like Nadaprabhu Kempegowda?
Quite a lot. Kempe Gowda was a historical figure and a visionary credited
with morphing Bendakaalooru to modern Bengaluru. He has his place in
history. He was a chieftan of Magadi. He did not rule any Nadu, neither
was he a Prabhu.
Kannadanadu and Tulunadu were the only recognized naadus in Kannada land. The Wodeyar family ruled a huge part of this land for centuries and the Maharajas were addressed as Prabhu. N.P.Kempe Gowda layout, ( it will end up being recognised that way!) is as ridiculous as the politician Chandru (I admire him as an actor) taking the name of Mukhya Mantri in public life, instead of confining the title to his acting endeavours. Kempe Gowda has a prominent road and bus stand named after him.
Why not call the new layout as Manmohan Singh Layout in line with Indiranagar, Rajajainagar or Ambedkarnagar. Misrepresenting historical facts and according national stature to local heroes with vote banks in mind has become a contageous disease among our political class. This should stop in national interest.
Prof. Raj Gadasalli
Management Consultant
38th Cross. JNR9B
Bangalore 560069
Kudos to India
Congratulations to the Indian Team for winning the cliffhanger in the Jaipur ODI. The climax was reached when the last pair of the Proteas, viz., Parnell and Langeveldt, made a desperate but unsuccessful attempt to score the crucial run which would have ended the match in a tie.
 This reminds me of an identical situation during the 1992 World Cup encounter between India and Australia. In that nail biting finish, our 10th wicket duo of Kiran More and Venkatpaty Raju made an heroic dash for the making the crease to score the victorious run, but unfortunately they failed in their valiant attempt. Incidentally, had they succeeded, Pakistan, the ultimate winner, would have been knocked out of contention during the league matches stage itself.
Arun Malankar
Sunder Nagar No 3,
Kalina, Santa Cruz (E),
Mumbai 400098

A climb down
Sir, It now appears that the Government is ready to hold talks with the Maoists/Naxalites if they give up violence. Not long ago the same government had demanded that these extremist groups surrender their weapons as a precondition for starting the dialogue.
Similarly, this government is now ready to hold a composite dialogue with Pakistan even though the latter has refused to comply with our long standing demand for bringing to books the perpetrators of the 26/11 carnage. These ‘climb downs’ clearly show the government’s desperation to 'buy'peace at any cost in the absence of a of clear cut policy to tackle terrorism.
As John F.Kennedy said we can secure peace only if we are prepared to face war. Peace ‘bought’ by appeasing the enemies cannot be sustained. This government headed by a ‘saintly’ Prime Minister cannot be expected to take a tough stand against both internal and external enemies.
Rama Temple Road,
Koramangala, Block 6,
Bengaluru 560 095

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