Udupi would tackle water crisis, says Pramodh Madhwaraj

Udupi would tackle water crisis, says Pramodh Madhwaraj

MLA Pramodh Madhwaraj said that the water crisis in the taluk would be tackled following the elaborative plans chalked out to ensure water either through tankers or by judicious rationing.

The MLA said on Saturday that the water-level at Baje reservoir currently has water up to 2.55 meter and last year it was 3.14 meter on the same day. The water level is decreasing owing to high evaporation level following scorching sun.

He said Rs 50 lakh each for urban and rural areas have been allotted to supply water. He said the task force would spend Rs one crore to ensure water supply.

The Baje reservoir is able to offer water maximum up to May 13, he informed.Stating that as many as 14 gram panchayats are into supplying of tanker water in rural areas, he said that the defunct water bodies are repaired and the temporary arrangements are made to supply water.

Until now the amount spent in rural areas to supply tanker water is Rs 10,89,550 for 851 tankers. While in urban areas tanker water is offered every two days, a sum of Rs 19,46,800 crore of amount is spent on 764 tankers.

Stating that the rains are expected by the end of the month, he said that a couple of showers in the catchment area would ease the problems like last year. Once the reservoir reaches the two meter level, it is the danger signal and alternative arrangements should be immediately taken up. Even then somehow, the water problem can be tackled for another 20 days by drawing 10 centimeters of water every day.

The tanker water would be offered when all the other sorts of arrangements fail to substitute. He said that there is little amount of water in Marne which can be made available for five days by drawing 0.5 meter of water every day, the MLA assured.

KSRTC bus stop

Speaking on the new KSRTC bus stop coming up at Bannajne, the MLA added that 2.50 acres of land is given to KSRTC from the PWD. The transfer of land will enable a sophisticated KSRTC bus stop at a cost of Rs five crore in the first phase.

The other bus stop for Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM) buses will be built shortly. As many as 30 buses are proposed, of which 10-15 buses are introduced. The low floor buses would be available for the passenger comfort shortly.

The JnNURM will come up at the old DDPI office, adjacent to city bus stop. He said the cost of the JnNURM bus stop would be approximately Rs four crore. A total of 34 cents of land has been earmarked for the purpose. Another seven cents of land is also set aside for the purpose of multiple parking, he said.