A revival of sorts

A revival of sorts

Making a difference

A revival of sorts

In an age dominated by pop and EDM music, many new bands have come up, seeking to bring back the music of the olden days. One of them is ‘Sid Jonathan and the Difference’.

The founding members of the band comprise Maximilian on bass guitar, acoustic and backing vocals, Antony on drums, Sanjay on keyboard and mandolin, Sid Jonathan on lead guitar and vocals and Akarsh on rhythm guitar and backing vocals.

Denson joined a year later on the bass guitar and harmonica.In an interview with Lara Faye Fernandes, Sid Jonathan talks about their efforts to preserve their musical taste in the city.

What inspired you to start a band?
It all started on World Music Day 2014 when ‘Sid Jonathan and the Difference’ played their first gig at Alliance Francaise. We had previously played at the Holy Ghost Church band but the response we got on World Music Day was the cement that kept us together and going thereafter.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Mutual love for the music we grew up listening to is what inspired us. This music has now become rare in this EDM era and thus, our band is a revival project of sorts. We strive to bring the best of the 70s, 80s and 90s music with a touch of our own unique flavour. Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan and Billy Joel have influenced us to a great extent.

What are your songs about and who writes them?
The songs are usually written and composed by me. They talk about the everyday struggles with personal demons, stories of strangers I meet on my travels and occasionally, I write about stories I wish were true.

Do you have a record label or are you’ll independent?
We are an independent band that jams at our very own garage-cum-studio which we like to call the ‘Idlers Club’. We plan to release our first album called ‘Tightrope Turnaround’ this year in June. We already have some downloadable music which can be found on Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube.

List out some of your achievements.
We headlined the Hidayatullah National Law University Raipur Festival. One of the peaks in our journey was being featured on Ranveer’s Café which was aired on the Living Foodz channel. We will be playing for World Music Day at Alliance Francaise this year as well.

Your goals...
We seek to revive the genre we play. We want our music to reach as many ears and touch as many souls as possible.