Universal love, the only solution

Universal love, the only solution

History shows that since ages, man has been exploiting man and other living beings on distinction of gender, caste, creed, race, physical or mental power, economic power, organisational abilities or unity.

In the same way, powerful and mighty nations and communities also have been exploiting the weak and poor nations and communities because of their weaknesses.

Exploitation of the illiterate and poor people is a known phenomenon all over the world, as we all are very much aware that powerful or the so-called educated men have long been using uneducated, illiterate and backward people as slaves or as bonded labour and have been forcing them to work hard under inhuman conditions so as to make things easy and life comfortable for the former.

There have been only rare examples of such men and women who made sacrifices for the well-being of others because of the noble sentiments of love, sympathy, compassion or concern for them. All these make it quite clear that the power of money, machines, means, military and also mental and political power has been used by the greedy, egoistic and selfish men to exploit others.

So what’s the solution to save humankind from the ravages of exploitation? If universal love replaces the negative tendency of exploitation, only then many social, economic, political, administrative and interpersonal problems can be solved.

Now, how does one ignite the feeling of universal love in people across the world? It’s indeed very simple; this aim of awakening and strengthening the emotion of love in humanity can be achieved only by educating men-women and give them training in ennobling their emotions.

Remember, without educating people in values and giving them a technique of divinising or spiritualising the emotion of love, all kinds of crimes in society would constantly increase and there would be no rule of law.

Hence, all the talk about human rights would be meaningless and empty if the education in values, especially education for purification of love is not imparted.