Wraps and more

Wraps and more

Arabic flavours

Wraps and more

A peppy-looking eatery located in Church Street, ‘Mel’s Korner’ specialises in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. John Mathew, the owner of the restaurant, named it after his son Melwin.

   “The ‘shawarmas’ and wraps are the most-sought after dishes here,” says the manager of the restaurant.

“We have 15 people working in the kitchen, who are headed by a Syrian chef named Sebastian. We try to make our dishes as authentic as possible with our unique garlic and sesame sauce,” he adds.

Although one can see the effort put into the preparation of their dishes, trying to bring out the Arabic flavours, the food can be worked upon a little to match the Arabic authenticity it seeks to achieve, by adding a hint of spice.

The ‘BBQ chicken wraps’, though filling, aren’t as appetising as one would hope. However, the ‘veg burger’ with its crisp patty, is definitely worth the money.

The ‘beef burger’ with its juicy and perfectly cooked patty is a must-try for burger lovers. The ‘Carribbean chicken fingers’ is the recent addition to the menu here.

While their burgers, hummus and falafel wraps are great, you wouldn’t be missing out on much if you skip the fried items on the menu.

‘Mel’s Korner’, offering food at reasonable prices, is worth the visit if you’re craving a good burger or wrap, but the desserts and juices aren’t worth your money.
   ‘Mel’s Korner’ is located at 11/1, Church Street. For details, call 25581666.