When too tight is not right...

When too tight is not right...


When too tight is not right...
Fashionistas are happy with loose silhouettes this season. This will be the year of the anti-fit, they are happy to announce. “Clothes should ideally be relaxed and should allow the wearer to move comfortably, and most importantly, feel at ease in,” says designer Madhu Jain, who is known for her elaborate chogas and silhouettes.

“I have often seen people wearing tight-fitting outfits that bulge in the wrong places and end up looking unaesthetic. And, when a wearer’s discomfort is palpable, all I can do is sigh. For the majority of us who don’t have hourglass figures, anti-fit clothes can be made to really work,” she adds.

Designer Vandy Mehra of the label Study by Janak, says, “As the weather heats up there’s only one thing to do — strip off. Sadly, however, there are times when this isn’t an option for us. Flared pants or palazzo with sleeveless blouses and kurtis are excellent summer choices. Harem, dhoti, slouchy: No matter what you call them, loose-fitting pants are the pair to have for the season.”

So, what are the kind of must-haves in the wardrobe? Vandy vouches for long dresses. “No summer fashion is complete without a collection of floral maxi dresses in your wardrobe. Apart from being extremely versatile and fashionable, these are also very comfortable and flattering for all body types.” There are exciting breezy pieces ranging from palazzos, breathable jumpsuits, floral long tunic-styled dresses and maxi  and halter dresses that can fit well into your summer wardrobe, she adds.

Sakshi Gupta is another designer who loves to infuse the ultra-feminine and
intricately woven creations with futuristic silhouettes. She is celebrating the trend with her range of loosely draped pieces, from fit and flare dresses and kimonos to A-line anarkalis. She has chosen a palette of soothing and refreshing colours like sea green, coral pink and gold blended with a pinch of silver, which she says is the colour of the season.

Accessorise it right

Heavy accessories will be a big blunder with the casual look. As Vandy says, “The casual look cannot pull off a lot of heavy and flamboyant accessories. That is why we need to keep it simple when it comes to the kind of accessories one wears or carries with casual outfits. However, bead necklaces, stacked bangles, rings and small stud earrings can go well with the look.”

For Sakshi, playful quirky pieces are best to go with this style. “Loud colours, unusual shapes, notorious headgears, and elongated earrings, they all gel well and look good.” As for Vani, she believes that nice leather belts would team up well with loose tunics and that statement jewellery is a great idea.