Don't impose failed promotion system for DU teachers

Don't impose failed promotion system for DU teachers

AAP has opposed increase in work load by 6 hrs every week

Don't impose failed promotion system for DU teachers

The Aam Aadmi Party on Tuesday launched an attack on the Union government for trying to impose the “failed” decision of previous Congress led UPA to introduce point system for the promotion of DU teachers.

The AAP said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government is following the “failed policy to harass DU teachers”.

“It is extremely shocking that the BJP’s central government has forced the Delhi University teachers to go on a strike at a time when the checking of answer sheets of undergraduate classes is going on,” it said in a statement.

Increased work

The AAP opposes the latest UGC notification of increasing the work load of assistant professors, associate professors and professors by six hours each every week.

Former Human Resource Development Kapil Sibal could not implement the point based promotion system due to the stiff opposition from the DU teachers.

“The latest UGC notification appears to have been brought with the sole intention of not filling up the large number of vacant teaching posts in the colleges of the Delhi University. The reason is clear that the Narendra Modi government has slashed the budget for higher education and is now forcing the UGC to take anti-teachers steps by increasing their work load, in place of filling up the existing vacancies of teachers,” it added.

“Conservative estimates show at least 3,000 to 3,500 ad-hoc teachers currently teaching in various DU colleges will lose their jobs if this UGC notification is not withdrawn.”

The AAP has put forward few questions for Union Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani like “what is the reason for this injustice to Delhi University teachers? and Why is the Modi government trying to impose the Kapil Sibal’s failed policy of points system for teachers promotion?”