Boy beaten, paraded naked in Delhi

Boy beaten, paraded naked in Delhi

A 16-year-old boy was stripped, beaten, and then paraded naked by five men in his locality in southwest Delhi’s Inderpuri area for riding a scooter owned by one of them.

The victim’s parents have alleged that the boy was also sexually assaulted by the drunk men, but the police deny this. The men recorded the episode on a camera phone.

Four of the accused have been arrested. Sumit, Aman, Raju and Shankar are all residents of the same slum colony where the victim lives. 

The police said the incident happened on Monday, but the matter was reported to them on Tuesday night. The boy told the police that he was walking past a park when he spotted a scooter parked at the gate. He sat on it, and began riding it. The two-wheeler belonged to one of the men in the group sitting in the park. The angry men dragged the boy into a room built in the park and locked him up there. Later, they allegedly tied his hands with a piece of rope and thrashed him.

The boy kept pleading with them to stop. But the men continued with the thrashing. They also stripped him naked and forced him to sit on beer bottles which were lying on the floor. After some time, they took him out of the room and forced him to walk naked in the locality, while recording this on a mobile phone.

The police have denied any sexual assault. “The victim was examined. There was no such evidence. He did not mention anything in his statement,” said a police officer. The boy was sent for a medical examination where no evidence of sexual assault was found.