A room of their own

Startup hostel

A room of their own

India’s startup ecosystem just added another unique concept to its widening net — a convenient hostel called ‘Construkt’ for budding entrepreneurs. 

Co-founded by Shashikiran Rao and Karan Bahadur, this ‘startup hostel’ was established to create a community of like-minded people. 

Located in Indiranagar, it not only provides affordable lodging facilities for innovators but also creates an excuse for them to mingle in this city, which is often known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’. 

Shashikiran and Karan have been in the profession of uplifting startups for more than a decade now. 

They arrange India’s largest startup festival to encourage new entrepreneurs and give them an opportunity to showcase their ideas as well as get mentored. So this ‘startup hostel’ is a gathering where people meet, establish connections and learn new thing. 

With new services appearing everyday, it has become easier for people. But there must be a space for sharing and ruminating on these ideas to make the environment healthier. Karan says, “The startup hostel is a place where startup founders can meet more like-minded people, just like a backpackers tribe.” Inspired by this, the hostel tagline is ‘Home for the hackpacker in you’. 

The residents of this three-storeyed hostel can avail facilities like Wi-Fi, self-catering, a room for small gatherings, laundry etc. 

Just a month old, it is coloured with bright hues of orange and white to attract the young crowd and 80% of the furniture is upcycled.

 The wooden furniture and vibrant look of the place awakens the creative juices in a person. It is also a cosy environment to live in. 

Their priority is hygiene and have employed a full-time caretaker to maintain the hostel. With bunker beds in every room that can be shared by 2 to 8 people, it is a fun place to be.

Karan adds, “We got an amazing response when we started. About 20 to 25 people have stayed with us. They helped foster connections and ideas. It ultimately resulted in a positive response from entrepreneurs. A group of entrepreneurs came from Mumbai and Pune. They were pretty doubtful about where to reside. They were introduced to this place and it has benefitted them a lot. They explored their ideas and shared them with others. They also had a clear mind when they left. This made us feel as we are going in the right direction.”

They plan to expand their reach to Goa , Hyderabad, Delhi and Pune.  

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