Slaughtering of 'Bakra' does not mean Qurbani: Irrfan Khan

Slaughtering of 'Bakra' does not mean Qurbani: Irrfan Khan

Slaughtering of 'Bakra' does not mean Qurbani: Irrfan Khan
Slaughtering of ‘Bakra’ does not mean Qurbani the ‘traditional style of sacrifice by Muslims’, said Actor Irrfan Khan who spoke to Deccan Herald on the sidelines of the promotion of his upcoming flick Madari, in Jaipur.

 Irrfan told Deccan Herald, “ The meaning of Qurbani is to sacrifice something which is close to you instead of any goat or sheep which you just buy to sacrifice. Before sacrificing we should share a bond with that thing otherwise just killing of an animal will not serve the purpose. Nowadays we have lost the relevance behind such religious activities and perform  these rituals without knowing the meaning behind them.”

  While reacting to  Pahlaj Nihalani's (Chairperson of Central Board of Film Certification)  recent  objection to  certain scenes in Anurag Kashyp's  Udta Punjab  and subsequent clearing  after intervention of the court,  Irfan demanded that Rule Book used by CBFC should  undergo  a tremendous amendment.

He told Deccan Herald, "CBFC has a power to certify a movie not to censor it. It is a statutory censorship and classification body under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. It is tasked with "regulating the public exhibition of films under the provisions of the Cinematograph Act 1952 but it tries to fiddle with the creativity and takes away the artistic freedom of the director."  He insisted that some of its  clause are very old and obsolete and  need to undergo change as it  becomes a hurdle when a director  tries to portray our society through films.

Irrfan  criticized Bollywood fraternity for not having unity and at the same time praised south indian film fraternity who share a strong bond and tackle CBFC rules with ease. He stressed the need of forming a board within Bollywood industry. Praising South Indian Film Industry , he said, “South Indian film industry is much organised and have proper rules for film promotion. They fix the budget of the promotion according to its cost.

Whereas in Hindi film industry sometimes we end up spending 10 crore rupees on promotion of a 10 crore budget film.”

When Deccan Herald asked Irrfan about the recent controversial statement by Salman Khan, he said, “Actors are human beings only so one should not expect much from them. They are no supreme powers hence slip of tongue is acceptable.”