Celebrating the achievements

Celebrating the achievements

Celebrating the achievements

Sharmila Mandre performing for the crowd. dh photo by Dinesh S K

It was an evening to celebrate the achievements of the ordinary citizens as the Namma Bengaluru Awards 2010 were held in the City recently.

These awards were handed out to people from various walks of life for their extraordinary achievements. The grand Bangalore Palace looked even more beautiful as achievers from various fields graced it’s premises, which was the venue of the programme.

Actress Ramya, who was a member of the jury, was one of the first people to arrive. An audio visual consisting of popular Sandalwood stars voicing their opinions on the awards was played. Post the speeches by the dignitaries, the awards were presented in four categories — institutions (public and private) and individuals (public and private). 26 finalists were chosen from the 4,000 nominated people, and 14 of these people were declared winners.

After the award ceremony, an evening of cultural programmes awaited the audiences. A breath-taking performance by the dancers of Nritarutya enthralled one and all. The talented performers balanced themselves effortlessly on a see-saw and put up a great show.

For the Sandalwood fans present, actress Sharmila Mandre and actor Yogesh presented an energetic show by grooving to songs like Muda Mudala, Taram Pum, Jinke Marina and Shake Your Body. This was followed by musical performances as Swedish Carnatic musician Nikolas played the guitars.

The evening’s last performance was a percussion show by drummer Karthik Mani with Adarsh Shenoy on tabla and Sai Babu on congas. The programme ended with some lucky draws with a few members of the audience winning various prizes.