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Beware the perils of Craigslist. In Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick play hard-partying besties, who clean up their acts to fulfill the ad requirements of hellion brothers ordered to bring nice girls to their sister’s Hawaiian nuptials. But no sooner have they landed in Oahu than buyers’ remorse sets in.

Plaza and Kendrick, who became pals on the set of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World back in 2009, have a famously sassy Twitter friendship. But Mike and Dave producers still made them do a chemistry read before casting them. “I hadn’t seen Anna in a while, so it was very stressful,” Plaza said. “But we immediately were kind of all over each other, throwing Skittles in each other’s mouths.”

At an interview in Manhattan, the sweetly audacious Plaza, 32, talked about life after April Ludgate, her deadpan politico on Parks and Recreation, and just how far she’s willing to go for a role. These are edited excerpts from the conversation.

Tatiana, your character in Mike and Dave, seems tailor-made for you. How did you land the role?

It’s rare to read scripts with female characters that are so dynamic and funny and crazy, and I became obsessed with it. So I hustled and kept pitching, “Wouldn’t it be great with me and Anna Kendrick?” I just had a feeling that we could really commit to these characters and have a blast. And a couple of months later, Anna got offered the part. But I went through the audition process. I had to fight to get the part.

A lot of your characters challenge the notion that raunchy comedy is for men only.

I gravitate toward women that have a lot going on — I’m not interested in one-dimensional love-interest characters anymore. These parts are being written more and more because people want to see that now, which is amazing. In Mike and Dave, our characters are just as crazy as the guys, if not crazier.

You flashed the producers at your audition for Dirty Grandpa. What about Mike and Dave?

You know, I stripped down completely naked ... no, no, no! There’s a scene in Dirty Grandpa where my character bends over, and she’s got a line about her butt. But I didn’t think, oh, I’m going to flash them, and that’ll seal the deal. It was more like, auditioning is the worst so I’m going to take control.

You have a history of pursuing roles that you weren’t originally considered for. In Grandpa, they wanted you to audition for Zac Efron’s love interest.

I read that script and was like, “Oh, there’s an opportunity for me to play Robert De Niro’s love interest? I want that part.” She was written as a blond, big-breasted cheerleader or something. And I thought, if they would allow me to give them my version of that, wouldn’t that be so fun? And so different from April Ludgate?

April would never wear the bikini you rock in Mike and Dave.

I credit the Zac Efron training programme in Hawaii. He would force me to work out with him on the beach, run around the jungle or go on hikes. He was like my camp counsellor.

You had your picture taken with Donald Trump way back when you were working as an elf at FAO Schwarz. You wore a “Pro-Choice/Pro-Clinton” T-shirt in “The To Do List.” Who has your vote?

I love Hillary. I wore that T-shirt in “The To-Do List” in a scene while I was masturbating.

Do you ever think, “I just can’t go there”?

No, I commit 110% to the character I’m playing. And if this character would (perform a sex act on a woman in a sauna) for Rihanna tickets, then that’s what I’m going to do.