In tune with the trends

In tune with the trends

In tune with the trends

2016 so far has been one of the most experimentative years for fashion with its forays into Spanish and Victorian influences and its 90s vibes. There are some trends from last year that, for their own reasons, refuse to go away.

These were everywhere — every fashion editor, model and blogger was seen wearing them and now it’s almost like we’re tired of those trends.

Here are some of the trends from last year that need a refresh!
*Horizontal stripes: We’ve all seen stripes way too many times — they’ve been put on every possible type of dress, top and even bags. Although a basic striped tee has been considered a wardrobe must-have for a while now, it’s high time that the stripes are done away with. If you’re not ready to let go just yet, a variation of the basic stripe, the vertical pyjama stripe, is here to stay for Spring 2016.

*Jumpsuits: Jumpsuits have become a staple wardrobe piece in recent years when it comes to most occasions, whether it’s street style or the red carpet. In reality, it’s only very few (read: some supermodels) that can truly get away with this style, otherwise it can often end up looking tacky. Think bagginess in the worst possible areas and an overall frumpiness that can make the most well-dressed person look messy. Let’s give
way to newer silhouettes and do away with jumpsuits.

*Sheer/lace dresses: From the red carpet’s favourite ‘naked dress’ seen on every possible celebrity to the lace that seems to be part of every casual or eveningwear dress — lace sleeves, lace panels — we say lace has had its moment and it’s time to retire it.

*Chunky soles: Remember platform heels from the 90s, and the recent trend of impractically chunky heels and sneakers? Not only do they look awful, they’re not exactly great for your posture either. Flat sandals look a lot sleeker, and so do classic white or printed sneakers.

*High waisted jeans: The mom jeans look truly belonged in the 80s and now it needs to go back to that decade. Wearing very high-waisted jeans can be very uncomfortable and don’t exactly make for a lot of breathing space. A well-fitted pair of mid-rise jeans makes for a much more flattering fit.

Trends come and go with the seasons — while there are some trends that stay classic (think the little black dress, the V-neck sweater and the Chanel suit), there are others which have had their time on the runway and need to get replaced with something fresher as the seasons change.

(Contributed by Nandini Swaminathan)