A rage on the runway

A rage on the runway

Blooming burgundy

A rage on the runway

It’s always nice to see a particular trend taking the fashion world by storm and fashion enthusiasts experimenting with it while treating it as a staple in their wardrobe. The latest one to turn heads is the colour burgundy. Till a few years back, the colour burgundy was seen as a hair dye. But now, one can see it more often in other avatars.

This colour has always been known as a rich and strong hue that can be sported comfortably with any skin tone. Highlighting this fact, designer Amy Billimoria says that burgundy compliments any skin tone, especially the Indian skin tone. “It gives a slim look, even when someone on the heavier side sports an outfit of this colour. This, in my opinion, is the next best colour to possess in the wardrobe, as burgundy acts as the new black,” she adds.

One can wear burgundy while relaxing at a resort, attending a red carpet event, for a brunch or even to a club. The colour can be incorporated in a lot of ways and can be teamed with colours like black, gold and beige.

“The colour looks good in materials like crepe, satin or georgette. It is not considered just a woman’s colour anymore; a lot of men are experimenting with it as well. Since burgundy has a very contemporary look, it is a good idea to go minimal with one’s makeup, hair and accessories. Also, not going overboard with silver accessories can be a smart move,” adds Amy. 

 Designer Yoshita Yadav points out that burgundy is definitely a strong colour and is going to be a staple hue for Fall-Winter this year. “Though it is predicted to be a Fall-
Winter colour, this hue started making an appearance in Spring itself. This colour can easily be mixed and matched with other colours and because of this effortless combination and contrast, it has gained much popularity,” says Yoshita. Burgundy, she says, is ideal for people who are not confident wearing bright colours as it gives a similar classy appeal. Unlike most colours that are confined to garments, this doesn’t limit itself to apparel but can also be seen elsewhere.

From bags, shoes and accessories to nail paint and hair dye, this colour is becoming a rage everywhere. “At present, we can see a shift from nude makeup to the usage of darker shades, especially on the lips and eyes. A lot of designers are seen depicting this colour in various ways. It has conquered not just high couture collections but also street style fashion,” adds Yoshita.

Leather jackets, suede boots and even shirts in the colour are becoming popular among fashionistas. Designers Diya and Rajvvir Aroraa point out that this colour is a deep one and never looks dull. “It is a classy yet sober colour and the best part about it is that it goes well with the Indian skin tone and enhances the look. One can play around with the silhouette and it can be incorporated in both Indian and Western outfits,” says Rajvvir.  
One can look forward to quirky accessories to go with a burgundy outfit but they should make sure to not overdo these to avoid looking loud and shimmery.

“Since the colour itself is loud, it is not a very good idea to sport completely contrasting colours with it. But if one wants to go an extra mile, they can do a self-on-self. Even adding a dash of lace of the same colour can work wonders for one’s look,” says Diya.