A step into the real world

A step into the real world

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A step into the real world

Actor Raghu Mukherjee believes in the single-minded pursuit of his goals. He has broken fresh ground by anchoring the reality show ‘Action Star’ .This is the first time that he is part of a reality show, which is exclusively for women. In an interview with Nina C George, he shares his thoughts about the show and more.

What is ‘Action Star’ about?
It’s a woman-oriented reality show that involves a lot of daring stunts. There are some very dangerous acts that the contestants will have to attempt and clear, to move on to the next round. It is indeed a test of the mental, emotional and physical strength of a woman and whether or not they are capable of executing such tough tasks. The show lasts 18 weeks and every task has been designed to bring out the best in a person. There are no creepy crawlies but every stunt is sure to help the contestant shed their fear and overcome their inhibitions.

What was your task?  
I had to play a taskmaster and it was my job to not only push the contestants to do better but also to motivate and inspire them to let go of their fear and move on. The worst moment was when I had to eliminate contestants when they weren’t up to the mark. There were some contestants who lasted for the whole episode and others who dropped out halfway through the show. I got to meet and interact with different kinds of people. There were some who genuinely wanted to be a part of the show and others who had come only to gain popularity.

Was it easy to handle a group of women?
The toughest part was to keep women from fighting with each other. There was a lot of drama in the competition because somebody didn’t like someone else and there were also some contestants who just wouldn’t get along with each other at all. I had to make sure everybody was happy and comfortable. Also, since I am from a sports background and train at the gym, I know the level of discipline and commitment it takes to be physically fit. Instilling this discipline in all the contestants was a tough task.  

How was your experience hosting the show?
It was a mentally and physically draining proposition. I had to make sure that I was calm all the time. I would not only spend a lot of time talking and motivating the contestants but talk to each one of them after the show, just to make sure nothing went wrong.

What’s your next project?
I am working on a multi-starrer project. The character that I play is very interesting because it depicts the life of a man who is caught between his work and family life. He struggles to strike a balance between the two and is always frustrated. How he breaks free from his mundane existence is the crux of the character.

Has marriage changed anything?
Absolutely not. Actually marriage shouldn’t change anything and in fact, life has got better after marriage. When two people in a marriage are more like friends, then the relationship becomes more meaningful.