5 minor boys throw 3 pups into fire, burn them alive

5 minor boys throw 3 pups into fire, burn them alive

5 minor boys throw 3 pups into fire, burn them alive
Even as the Chennai ‘Bhadra’ episode shook public consciousness, another gruesome incident of five minor boys throwing three puppies into a bonfire and burning them alive has come to light. According to the police, the incident occurred in Pathanbasti under Musheerabad police limits here on Saturday.

While one of the boys shot the whole episode on a mobile phone, others pushed the shrieking puppies trying to escape the fire back into the pyre they had lit with the help of trash and sticks. Later, they posted the video on social media.

However, a complaint against the unidentified boys was filed by Shreya Paropkari, a animal welfare activist and cruelty response manager of the Humane Society International India (HSI), on Wednesday. Thereafter, the Musheerabad Police registered a case and nabbed the boys after tracking the source of the video upload. “We also called their parents. They might be produced before the court on Thursday. As all of them are juveniles, they might be sent for counselling,” an officer said.

Pravallika, Welfare Officer, Animal Welfare Board of India and Blue Cross, told DH that she was alerted by Shravan, a resident of Musheerabad, who caught a few boys watching the puppies-burning video on Sunday.

One of the boys, Faiz (name changed), admitted to shooting the video while the others brought the puppies and threw them into the fire. Faiz later tried to erase the footage from his mobile phone. After the video went viral, animal activists Vasanthi Vadi of People for Animals, Hyderabad, and Shreya approached Police Commissioner Mahender Reddy, who in turn directed the Musheerabad Police to initiate action.

“In a shocking case of animal cruelty, seen in a video circulated on social media, three puppies about two months old are held by their hind legs in a graveyard and burnt alive under a pile of dried branches, sticks and jute sacks. The puppies are seen struggling to escape, while the culprits push them back and hold them down under the burning fire using poles,” HSI said in its complaint.

“The video footage was shot by one of the boys in the age group of 5 to 10 years. I am worried about their state of mind.They were shouting out to each other that the pups are escaping from the pyre and pushing them hard back into the fire, even as the pups were crying in pain,” Pravallika said.

“The penalty for animal cruelty in 1960 was Rs 50 when the law was enacted. Back then, Rs 50 had some value. Today, Rs 50 is negligible. It is surprising that the Government of India did not even bother to change it in the last 55 years. Our ‘No More 50’ campaign aims to seek a revision of the penalties for animal cruelty to amounts relevant to this day and age,” HSI added in its  statement.