The cryptic look

The cryptic look

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The cryptic look

For the longest time, it was popular only as a soldier’s uniform. But then fashion took over the reins and transformed it into a runway outfit.

We are hinting at the revival of the camouflage (camo) print. Over the years, it has gone through various experiments and modifications and has transformed from the classic military green print into one available in a variety of colours, patterns and sizes that one can see now.

Skirts, shorts and jackets were picks of the past and today one can find pants, bags, shoes and even sunglasses with this print.

Highlighting the fact that the camouflage trend is making a serious comeback, designer Pria Kataaria Puri says that the various elements of this old-school, army inspired uniform print are popping up everywhere. “From desert wear and street style to footwear and formal wear, this print has come a long way.”

Thanks to the openness of fashion enthusiasts to try out different fashion trends, camouflage prints are seen not just on outfits but also on shoes, bags, headgear and sunglasses. The trend is slowly spilling on to the streets. With jackets, track pants and T-shirts being the staple outfits in this print for decades, today people mostly wear it for its functionality rather than fashion.

However, Pria points out that designers have now started to recognise the print’s versatility and are using it in different ways.

 “They are using camouflage on all things luxe — dresses, tuxedos, gowns, jumpsuits and more. So definitely, the camouflage print is making its way into our fashion trends. Camo print is a perfect wear for a weekend of brunches and other leisure activities, or even when one goes Pokemon hunting,” says Pria.

While the idea of camouflage is to blend into one’s surroundings, it now looks like it’s the other way round with the increasing popularity of the print. With its rugged patterns, one can’t help but definitely take a second glance. Ashish Varghese, a student, says the camouflage print is enjoying a fashion moment of late and many celebrities have been seen sporting this military inspired trend very often.

“It is enjoying a major moment in the spotlight this season and this isn’t the first time that the tough print has popped up on the radar. As trends repeat, so did this print, but only to come out better the second time. It’s all about how one styles the look. I mostly pair a camo with black, white and other neutral colours,” says Ashish.
Other than the traditional military green, the trending colours for this season’s camo patterns are a mix of dark grey, light grey and pure white.

 “We have started making ties and jackets and have also implemented camouflage prints on chinos. Back in the day when the trend started, it was more of a street style fad but now one can see it even on formal jackets and ethnic attires like ‘kurtas’ and leggings,” says designer Gagan Chandhok.

When it comes to its popularity, bombers jacket, active wear and everyday work wear take the front seat. And Gagan doesn’t consider it an age-specific vogue at all. He says that even people from 50 to 55 years of age can sport a camo print outfit with ease.

“Wearing a camouflage top or T-shirt with shorts or a plain folic T-shirt with camouflage trousers can give a quirky look.” The easy wearability and comfort make this print popular as it is neither too formal nor too casual. So one can sport it at a club, while attending a formal meeting or for a casual night out.

So how can one complete their look? “One should not overdo it while going street style. You can simply accessorise with leather wristbands. However, while sporting a formal look, wearing a formal camouflage jacket can give the required ‘oomph’ to one’s look,” says Gagan.