'I have a long way to go'

'I have a long way to go'

Going strong

'I have a long way to go'

The young actors in the Kannada film industry believe in moving up the ladder through hardwork and by developing a style of their own.

The latest to join their ranks is S Sharath, who first became a familiar face in the entertainment circuit after winning the reality show ‘Life Super Guru’ many years ago. The show changed a lot of things for Sharath. He was later handpicked to host a travel show in Kannada called ‘Nam Deshad Kathe’ which helped to bring out another facet of the actor.

Now Sharath is gearing up to play the lead role in Imran Sardhariya’s debut project ‘Uppu Huli Khara’. In an interview with Nina C George, the actor talks about his journey so far.

What was the beginning like?

I began as a dancer teaching students. Participating in ‘Life Super Guru’ was a risk that I had to take because I had commitments to fulfil back home, which is also why I had to win. Some of the tasks were quite tough and almost impossible to complete but I knew that it was a challenge that I had to take up. I also came down with a couple of injuries and dislocated my left shoulder bone. But all this has enriched my experience.  

What was it like to host ‘Nam Deshad Kathe’?

I travelled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on the show. I saw the most beautiful of places and met the most interesting people enroute. The travel gave me a chance to understand and experience the life, culture and food habits of the people living in that region.  

The turning point in your life...

My experience of participating in ‘Life Super Guru’ was indeed the turning point. I got a definite direction as to what to do and where to head after that. It opened up new vistas for me.
What’s your role in ‘Uppu Huli Khara’?

I essay the role of a young man who aspires to be a police inspector. He has pre-conceived ideas about what an inspector should be like. He starts working towards building a good physique and even his thought process has been tuned to think, behave and move around like a cop.
‘Uppu...’ is a multi-starrer. Do you think you will lose your importance if you choose a multi-starrer for a debut?

I don’t think so. Everybody in the film has a precise role to play and the story will seem complete only when all these characters come together. So the question of prominence doesn’t arise here. We are working as a team.

Who has been your inspiration?

I can say without a doubt that Imran has motivated and inspired me. If I am confident about my debut, I owe it to him because we were put through a series of workshops and training sessions. These sessions have not only given me an insight into what acting is comprised of but have also helped me develop a style of my own.

Any regrets?

None so far. I have a long way to go before I can say that I have regrets. I am still