Shobhaa's all of 16

Shobhaa's all of 16

Shobhaa's all of 16

outspoken Shobhaa De dh photo by Manjunath M S

Shobhaa De is in her sweet 16 now. Well, don't get ideas. The Queen of Pulp is only penning her 16th book and it aptly offers sane advice to teens.

Shobhaa says her latest book S's Secret is a guide to every parent willing to break out of set moulds and experiment. “What parents of teenagers mustn’t do is to be cool. It’s all about building bridges of faith between parents and their children. Parenting is an enriching experience,” Shobhaa told Metrolife.

Shobhaa observes that the material for her book on teenagers was readily available at home. Her youngest daughter was a handful and always made sure she kept Shobhaa on pins and needles. “Drugs, alcohol… I’ve dealt with it all,” she says. “There is no Indian book that teenagers in India can relate to. I hope this book would fill the gap,” she avers.

Shobhaa says Sandhya, the protagonist, in the book, is much like her youngest daughter, “my daughter relates to the character and claims she’s the one in the book.
She always says all of Sandhya’s mannerisms and peculiarities are similar to hers,” Shobhaa explains.

Shobhaa says she writes a book only if, “it is a compulsion. It has to be worth the pressure. It’s straight from the heart.”

She will be taking on the politicians in her next book, Seth ji. She thinks politicians in India are all books in themselves. “It’s a great challenge where every politician is different in his or her mannerisms, and idiosyncrasies,” she says.

Shobhaa has also turned a compulsive blogger. “Blogging is liberating. It’s a democratic space that is truly fabulous and exciting. You can sell your thoughts, ideas and books as well,” she gushes.

In a rapidly changing society where the term ‘modernity’ means different things to different people and “at a time when our young adults have only Harry Potter and Goblins to turn to... I feel it is imperative to pen a book for young India,” Shobhaa wraps up.