Games are changing...

Games are changing...

Games are changing...

appealing The 2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup is being followed by many sports lovers. Aarti Shetty Professional, Ad agency

I am catching up on the India matches that are on television. I saw the first match between India and Pakistan. The ad campaigns have quite a recall and I would say that it has got people to take notice of this World Cup, if not the game. 

Vikrant Kulkarni Marketing professional

I am following the matches on news and, actually, for the first time in my life. And I feel that sports people, including cricketers, coming in advertisements have made a positive effect on the audience. And people are now looking at the matches for a bit to see what is happening. 

Raghunandan Hegde Professional, Social sector

Yes, I have been following the event, mostly in newspapers though. Some of the ads have stars and therefore, have a recall-value. But most of the pre-event media coverage was about Delhi being unprepared for the event, security concerns and reports of Indian players being asked to participate in a charity match with Bollywood stars and asking crores as appearance money. So, there was an element of negativity about the event even when it got started and has dampened the spirits of the non die-hard followers. 

Dipin Mehta  IT professional

Some of my friends went to the sports bar to watch the Indo-Pak match, so it must be generating some buzz. Although hockey has always been given a step-motherly treatment when compared to cricket, tournaments like the World Cup do revive interest. And this time, with the World Cup happening in India and the controversy relating to the player’s wages, a lot of people have been interested. I, for one, am certainly following our team in this World Cup.

Bharath Shivashankar Student, M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology

I am not following the event as of now. I feel that there is no point sitting and watching the entire World Cup including the preliminary matches. I may catch up on it during the finals or semi-finals. As far as the publicity is concerned, it has at least made people aware of the World Cup.

Suhas V K         Student

I have missed out on the first two matches of India but will be watching the rest of the World Cup and not just the matches featuring India. The publicity has had an impact but I was going to catch it anyway.

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