No security fears: Nannes

No security fears: Nannes

No security fears: Nannes

Dirk Nannes

“I have always felt pretty good in India. Security can be a bit of perception. If you feel safe, then you probably are safe. But the reality may be completely different,” Nannes was quoted as saying by The Herald Sun.

Nannes said his security concerns had been addressed by the Australian Cricketers’ Association.

“I wasn’t comfortable in coming to a decision myself but luckily, the Australian Cricketers’ Association has done a lot of investigating and has been pushing to make it a lot safer for us,” he said.

“They think if things keep progressing the way they are, then things will be fine from next week and the start of the tournament,” he added.

Nannes recently retired from first-class and justified his decision, saying his 33-year-old body could not handle the rigours.

“My body simply cannot handle playing first-class cricket,” he said. “What should I do, beat myself around playing Shield cricket and maybe having another two years? Or be available for the next five years of IPL cricket? It’s a no-brainer.”

Meanwhile, Mumbai Indians’ team director TA Sekar expressed confident that the franchise, which did not do too well in the last two editions of the IPL, would turn in an impressive display this season riding on skipper Sachin Tendulkar’s good form.

“Sachin is in tremendous great touch, which is a very good sign for us. It’s a lesson to be learned by the youngsters in the team how he manages himself. They will be better cricketers if they can imbibe even one percent of what he does. He’s a rare breed,” Sekar said.