Horror genre does not appeal mainstream actors, feels Emraan

Horror genre does not appeal mainstream actors, feels Emraan

Horror genre does not appeal mainstream actors, feels Emraan

While Emraan Hashmi has been part of a few horror films, many mainstream stars have shied away from them and the actor feels it is, perhaps, because the genre is not considered 'performance-oriented'.

Emraan, who was seen in two instalments of the "Raaz" frnachise, says even he does not think about winning an award when he chooses to be a part of such films but he does them for the experience.

When asked why do mainstream actors stay away from horror, Emraan told PTI, "I think may be they don't find the genre challenging. 'Performance' is not something which is associated with horror. You will not see horror come up in the Oscars in the best film list."

"At the same time, you cannot negate its place in the box office. I am not doing a horror film thinking I'll win a best actor award. I am doing it because of the experience it gives me."

The "Azhar" actor, who features in the upcoming "Raaz Reboot", feels another reason could also be that stars do not understand the genre properly as horror is still a niche category in the country.

"May be they (mainstream stars) don't understand the genre, don't like it. It is seen as a very limited genre. There are only one or two directors, who make it. No one makes horror. If there were more scripts floating around, with more directors, it would be good."

Directed by Vikram Bhatt, "Raaz Reboot" also stars Kriti Kharbanda and Gaurav Arora in the lead.

The 37-year-old "Jannat" star was initially reluctant to sign "Raaz Reboot" as he did not see the franchise continue beyond three parts.

"I didn't see the franchise beyond trilogy. I felt a part four will always be like an indulgence, money-making thing and nothing else. Till I read the script and I really liked it. By default it had all the elements that would entertain people in the horror space," Emraan said.

Though the franchise has been a hit with its own set of fans, Emraan is aware that today Indian horror films are facing competition from the west.

The best way, according to the actor, is to try to be as relevant as possible when it comes to filmmaking to make the audience believe in the film.

"It is very difficult (to match audience's expectations) because we have been exposed to so much in the last four years since 'Raaz 3' released. So, now we have to bring something new in the horror space.

"It is challenging to make something, which is relevant to the audience. To up the quotient from the previous parts, compete with other films with bigger budgets like 'Conjuring'. So, it all comes down to how good a film you've made."

"Raaz Reboot" is scheduled to release on September 16.

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