'Everyone can gel well here'

Last Updated 20 September 2016, 19:01 IST

Bengaluru has enticed many with its charm and great lifestyle. Most people who come here stay on as the city grows on them due to its vibrance and accepting nature. And so was the case with Sharad Verma, who hails from Rewa in Madhya Pradesh and has been in the city for a while. He works as an associate manager with OnMobile Global Limited and lives here with his wife Smruti Sahu hailing from Berhampur, Odisha.

Born and brought up in Rewa, Sharad did his schooling and engineering in his hometown, before he moved to Bengaluru. “My seniors from college were working here and they were placed in good jobs. I left for the city with a friend of mine and within a few months, we also found our calling. The city has helped me grow in all facets of my life since then,” says Sharad.

Fond memories of his hometown include being with family and friends. “Rewa is not very different from other North Indian cities. The Hindi we speak is a bit different though.” Sharad says that one of the highlights of the place includes the ‘White Tiger Safari’. “They were spotted first in Rewa so we have an exciting safari for the same. Also, Rewa is considered an educational hub for most cities around the place.”

While it is his job that made him stay on in the city, Sharad found his ‘better half’ as well in Bengaluru. “I met Smruti at my workplace and we got married last year. First, I fell in love with the city and then the city gave me the love of my life,” he says with a smile.

Used to having ‘dal roti’ and ‘chawal sabji’, ‘poha’ and ‘jalebi’ for breakfast and ‘paratha’ as part of his regular diet, Sharad warmed up to South Indian food slowly but steadily. “I used to have ‘idli’ and ‘dosa’, but I love the ‘rice bath’ too now,” he adds. Smruti says that it was when she came to Bengaluru that she found so many varieties of rice. “Even ‘chaat’ was limited to ‘chana aloo chaat’ back home. There are so many different ‘chaats’ here which shows how open Bengaluru is to varied cultures. There is something available for everyone here.”

The open-mindedness of the people here was an added advantage for the couple. “We come from different backgrounds and staying in a different environment helped us further. Everyone can gel well here. The people are simple yet the work culture is very professional,” says Sharad, to which Smruti adds that she has met the best of people here. Except for the autorickshaw drivers after 10 pm, she  says that people are very cooperative. “They help in one’s growth, both mentally and emotionally.”

Sharad has friends from across the country in Bengaluru, which has contributed to his pleasant and peaceful stay here. “I have learnt so much about the country through my stay in this city, as I have friends from different states of India here. Everyone’s culture, traditions and festivals are varied and this mix has helped a lot. There are so many occasions celebrated widely in the city that no one will feel left out here,” adds Sharad.

Though Smruti is familiar with some traditions of the South because of her hometown, which is close to Andhra Pradesh, she finds Bengaluru to be an exciting city which has taught her a lot. She says that though her culture is different from Sharad’s and they live in an entirely different city, it has been a great amalgamation of traditions. “We enjoy everything here. When we are not indulging in things we both like, we let Bengaluru open itself to us. There is so much to explore,” says Smruti.

Like most Bengalureans, the weather tops their list of favourites in the city. Sharad says, “We love the sights here. Greenery is another great add-on to the city. There are so many places to visit including the numerous parks like Lalbagh. Places around the city like Shivanasamudra and Nandi Hills also add to the attraction,” says Sharad. When the couple have some time to spare, they like hanging out at ‘Rasta’ Cafe, ‘Black Pearl’, ‘Toit’ and other places in Indiranagar.

The couple want to stay on as they feel Bengaluru is home. “It has been a beautiful experience so far. We are looking forward to buying a house and settling down. Bengaluru has been really kind to us,” says Sharad.

(Published 20 September 2016, 14:22 IST)

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