PM should rein in faltering ministers

Sir, Dr, Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi have struggled hard to put together a workable giovernment. However, now one finds that some so called ‘allies’ have got into the cabinet only to settle scores with their adversaries. The Railway Ministry under Lalu Prasad Yadav, was doing extremely well. In fact, Lalu Prasad had given complete freedom to his executives to run the railway ministry effeciently and make the trains  passenger-friendly. Such was the popularity of Lalu Prasad, that he was even invited by a IIM to interact with the students. It is unfortunate that Mamata Banerjee has thought it wise to interfere with the present system. By stopping the halts in Bihar of Shramjivi Express the minister has invited the wrath of the people of Bihar. It would be prudent on the part of Dr Singh and Sonia Gandhi to rein in such ministers.


Highest paid advocate

Sir, Goa’s Advocate General  Subodh Kantak has been paid by the Goa Government Rs 3. 99 crore  fees from February 2005 to Feb 2009. It has only confirmed that Subodh Kantak is not only India’s highest paid Advocate General but the nation’s highest paid constitutional authority.
With Subodh Kantak’s fees now capped at Rs five lakh a month, he  gets paid over three times the salary of our nation’s President Pratibha Patil whose monthly salary is Rs 1.5 lakh and almost five times the salary of Chief Justice of India whose salary is Rs 1.10 lakh per month.


Shift burial ground

Sir, I have been residing in Kavalbyrasandra area for a period of two years which is at a distance of approximately 3 km from R T Nagar. I am sorry to state the dismal state of affairs in this area and the apathy shown by authorities. 
    While Kavalbyrasandra is becoming a totally residential area, there are no basic facilities such as parks, banks/ATMs, auto stands in this area. For everything, residents have to travel to a minimum distance of about 3 km to R T Nagar.
    Also there is a big burial ground on M M Layout on Dr Ambedkar Medical College Road which is surrounded in all four directions by residential complexes. We earnestly request the BBMP to take steps to shift this burial ground out of this residential area and convert this into a park.


Stop manufacturing

Sir, The purpose behind displaying pictorial warning on cigarettes showing the diseased lungs and other tobacco products showing the picture of crabs and the govt order in this respect made effective after May 31, 2009 is with the intention of discouraging smoking and to prevent smokers from falling prey to cancer related diseases. In my opinion, though the intention is to arrest the possibility of smokers falling prey to cancer-related diseases, people will continue to ignore the warning and smoke as if there is no such warning, as the smokers do not see the warnings on the cigarettes and other tobacco products.
Therefore the only way out to stop people smoking is to order stop manufacturing of cigarettes and other tobacco products by giving adequate compensation to the companies.


Denounce nuclear tests

Sir, This refers to the editorial ‘Chinese checkers’ (DH June 1). The conduct of second nuclear test by N Korea threatens the peace of international community with its abated affinity in disturbing the peace.
    The same efforts would have yielded results had it been used for developmental purposes. The international community along with UN and the six-party talks should make all out efforts to persuade N Korea to abandon such programmes and should assure it in carrying out ethical and healthy projects. Hope the persuasive efforts in this line would pave the way in convincing N Koreans to denounce the dangerous Nuclear weapons.


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