Strive to mould future of country, women told

Strive to mould future of country, women told

“Women have the capacity of controlling men. They can bring men to the right path with their determination,” he said delivering a special lecture organised by the Eureka Academy here on Monday.

“Women share equal freedom with men. All kinds of inequalities should be rooted out to retain the independence of the country,” he appealed.

Supreme Court former judge Dr Shivaraj Patil said, “The entire country jumped into the national movement with Mahattma Gandhiji in order to wipe out the tears of the poor.
We all should strive for fulfiling his dreams.”

“The Constitution of this country has been formed on the basis of the historical experience and the interests of the future.

Welfare is possible if the officials function as per their clear understanding the core of the constitution,” he observed.

Justice Patil said the country has been spoiled due to casteism, crime and corruption.

These three obstacles to the development of the nation should be suppressed with the merits of qualification, commitment and honesty, he appealed.

“Ours is a country with majority youths. If they decide that they do not become casteists, the country will automatically develop,” he said. Eureka Academy President Deepak Doddaiah presided.