Testing the technical, cultural quotient

Testing the technical, cultural quotient

The fest pulled in students from MSRIT, BMS, BIT, UVCE, PESIT, AIT, Christ University, SJCE Mysore and various other colleges from different parts of Karnataka.

The exuberant fest had breathtaking events in both technical and cultural categories. When compared to cultural events, the technical events saw a lesser turnout.
In Mix Design Of Concrete, one of the tough technical events, the contestants had to create concrete bricks with the strength of 7 N/mm2 using minimum cement. In AutoCad Designing, the participants designed a hostel building of 40 rooms using EW Cad Software, including planning, elevation and landscaping. The UVCE College team, led by Jeevan and Devraj, emerged victorious. Another event called Innovative Designing was about erecting a structure using paper, ice-cream spoons and light bamboo sticks. Around 22 students from different colleges took part and came out with marvellous structures. The most interesting technical event of the day was Civil Quiz, a quiz wholly oriented towards civil engineering. Finally, the RVCE students walked home with the prize. On the first day of the fest, Sudoku and Treasure Hunter  in non-technical category, got more response. Treasure Hunter had 60 teams with four members. The students had to run around the campus in search of clues. They were provided with a campus map. The highlight of the evening was Chance Pe Dance, a dance competition. In the first round, the students exhibited their selections and in the next round, they had to perform on whatever music was played for them. The colourful event saw a wonderful performance by the Eastern-dance team of PESIT, who presented a dance-drama on the birth of Karna. There were many solo performances also.

The second day took off colourfully with amazing performances by the students in Street Play. PESIT College students presented a hilarious play about the false hype created around speculations of the world’s end.  The spotlights of the second day were the outstanding rock performances by budding bands in the Western Electric Rock competition, which was won by the band Jekyll And Hyde of Ramaiah. The runner-up was All The Fat Children of Christ College.

“Though it was just a department fest, the enthusiasm of the students was higher than a college fest. All the best colleges in the City turned out for this fest. Usually, it is hard to get students for technical events, but we managed to get a good number. I am happy about the way the fest went on,” said Akshata Chitlangia, a student.

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