Towards a 'cleaner' India

We need to help people learn the new ways of transacting and of economic living.

A year has passed so fast, yet again. This New Year arrives quietly with the effects of demonetisation affecting us from last year. The entire nation has stood resolute with the Prime Minister to wipe out black money, deep cleansing and detoxing our nation! There is no need for any more resolutions this year.

Our nation has proved its mettle. We have possibly stunned the world in the way we embraced demonetisation. The world has understood that if need be, India will work together as a nation to pull through a situation. It is not without glitches that we strive, but the fact that we strive is what’s important.

Fortunately for us, this year began on a Sunday. So there was enough time to slug off the eve’s overload, keep the day joyous for the year we’ve had and for the year we look forward to. Life is never without ups and downs, yet we need to commit ourselves to “Swacch” Bharat.

I wish I could have begun the year on a sentimental note, but I am afraid that I may have to be more pragmatic. I must look around me and understand the quandary that belies the many faces I meet. Cashless? Their eyes seem to enquire, uncomprehending the plausibility of the word and the enormity of its ramifications, as they are not geared for it.

We need to be ready to spread awareness to those around us, help them learn the new ways of transacting and the new norms of economic living. I took my 87-year-old mother to the bank to teach her how to use her debit card. While she thoroughly enjoyed the process, she also enjoyed the laconic humour of a bystander who remarked, “I never handle cash; my wife has all of mine!” 

Not funny? Well, for those who are caught in disputes and other ordeals, the trouble doubles, and for those who are too rich to notice, good luck to you. It seems like you always knew! To many of us who have penned our theories on demonetisation and a cashless economy, it is the year we wait in anticipation of our predictions — and for those of us who have been skeptics, let us hope we aren’t proved wrong. No sentiment this year, I say again, let’s get practical, and help those who need our help towards a cashless society.

For those who have furrowed brows of worry, here is a word of solace. Demonetisation is like a detox programme, to remove the toxin of corruption, and going cashless is like a ‘plastic’ surgical strike. Dietitians will tell you how good a detox is for your system, especially for the ones who worry about ageing and the wrinkles. If this made you smile, keep the cheer and if not Happy New Year!

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