'Dance photography has come a long way'

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'Dance photography  has come a long way'

If one were to scroll through Sreedhar Vaidya’s Flickr account, they will see that he has described himself as one among the millions of IT professionals who was always under pressure to perform well. Fed up with the boring mechanical life, he decided to pursue something else and that was photography.

Entering the of photographs was an accident. He came from an artistically oriented family and when he purchased a DSLR  for the first time, he decided that dance photography was what he wanted to experiment with.

In a chat with Anila Kurian,  he talks bout how his life has changed since then.

How has life changed after you started pursuing this passion? 

When my cousin brought the DSLR from the US for me, I never took it seriously. I would just read photography blogs and spend time carelessly. Now, I am looking out for new ways to experiment with my camera and have been quite active as well.

You started your journey in 2011. Do you still enjoy dance photography? 

Dance photography will always be my first love. To find the connection with the artiste and show the audience what they are missing is one of my passions.

Unlike other photographers, I don’t like to stand in the centre, just below the stage, and take pictures. I like to be in the corner, backstage or at an angle that is usually not preferred by others. This allows me to find the connection I am looking for.

How has the world of dance photography changed since you started?

It has come a long way. Many photographers are finding their own way to express what is happening during the three-hour programme.

Do you experiment with other genres of photography too?

I do a lot of wedding, travel, landscape and architecture photography.

A place you would like to visit... 

I go on a lot of solo trips. I love exploring the different landscapes of South India; I’ve also been to Singapore and Uttarakhand. It’s every photographer’s dream to visit Leh and Ladakh but I think I will skip it. With many visiting it, I think the place has lost its charm.

What does photography mean to you?

I am a very happy person; I have everything I need. But back then, I felt that something was missing and when photography came into my life, it was finally complete. Photography to me is my reflection of the present movement in a subject. I am able to translate my mood into the image and capture what I think should be represented.

Any particular goals... 

I’ve never been a person who has really planned anything. I know what will happen in the next couple of days and that’s about it. I let nature take its course and go with the flow.

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