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Babus declare assets
A government employee should declare his/her assets at least once in three years or at the time of promotion, whichever is earlier and a new employee should provide an affidavit declaring his/her assets at the time of joining.

When candidates contesting for elections are required to declare their assets in anticipation of entering public service, why people in government service be exempted? This may bring in some accountability and transparency.

N Mukund



A Rare Gesture
It was a rare gesture indeed. Members of both houses showed their Unity in diversity in adopting a unanimous resolution urging the centre to include Hyderabad Karnataka area in Article 371 of constitution. The state government really expressed its commitment for this noble cause.  Let us hope that, both houses of parliament will also support, when the bill seeking such amendment is tabled.

Mudgal Venkatesh



Too early to write her off
The shameless hypocrisy on display by the political establishment in the garland case of Mayawati is thoroughly disgusting. It is because of the Congress which has ruled the country for nearly 50 years and has very little to show, for it that we have a Mayawati in our midst today. The money spent on lavish advertisements on every Gandhi-Nehru birthday and christening every obsolete scheme after the "dynasty's elite" has created a bigger dent in the treasury than Mayawati's celebrations. It seems the media acts as a watchdog only against non congress parties and its constant harping of her definitely is an indication of inherent bias towards Dalits no matter how much they may deny it. Being elected to power for the second time she cannot expect to perform "miracles" and in the "timescale" of Indian politics it is too early to write her off.





Mayavati will go down in history
There is a media report that Mayavati's garland may be worth some five crores. It is really an amazing information in light of the fact that a so called leader of down trodden is able to mop up huge amount from her poor followers. This also raises the doubt whether down trodden are really so economically? UP politicians always beat others in sensationalism by somehow managing to fool people with their gimmicks. But, Mayavati will go down in history as a jackpot politician since nobody is able to mop such an huge amount in the form of garlands. It will be interesting to see whether our UPA Government has got the guts to investigate the source of funds for this followed by relevant actions to arrest such extravaganza in future by others.





Currency Garland!
The currency garlanding of Miss.Mayawathi, U.P.Chief Minister by her followers is nothing new for the Indian Politicians. It has happened in the past and it will happen in future also. The differences this time are total value of the currency and its denomination. This only shows that we Indians do not know how to handle our currency. We use currency notes for writing phone numbers, obtaining autographs, address of our friends, love letter, drawing human figures, writing vulgar slogans, writing the milk accounts and what not. So what is wrong in using it for garlanding beloved leaders?

This is the best and easiest way of converting black money into white money.

Sukumar Talpady,

Kottara, Mangalore.

Bee attack on Maya
FIR lodged in bee attack on Maya appearing in DH dated 19MAR10
UP CM Mayawati has lodged a FIR complaint for attempting to disturb her BSP Maha rally by swarm bees sounds unwarranted. With commandos, security checks in place no sane person can dare to be in close proximity of the leader. In the presence of 2 million party workers releasing or disturbing bees at the podium was out of question. Unfortunately Principal Secy Vijay Shankar Pandey was made a scapegoat for not diverting the attention received from vulgar display of wealth. On the contrary DIG and his team must solve the ever increasing crimes prevailing in the state.
Deepak Chikramane

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