'I literally lived the character'

'I literally lived the character'

Gandhinagar Grapevine

'I literally lived the character'

Actor Meghana Raj will be seen essaying a very unique role in ‘Allama’. The story traces the life of 12th century saint Allama Prabhu.

The film also has actor Dhananjaya playing the character of the saint. Meghana says she found her character very challenging and that she always wanted to play such a role. In an interview with Nina C George, she shares her experience of working in the film.    

What made you sign the film?

I found the story and characters in it very interesting. I go by the name Mayadevi in the film and she epitomises arrogance. The director had a clear idea about what he wanted from each of his actors and spent a lot of time briefing them. My character is very stubborn and dominating. I had to portray both arrogance and grace in equal measures. That was quite tiresome. Circumstances bring Mayadevi into saint Allama Prabhu’s life and what happens thereafter forms the crux of the story.

Was it easy to portray your character?

I was given a clear picture of the character and I found it very challenging. Everything including the elaborate hairdo, heavy costume and jewellery helped me understand and adapt to the character quite well. There really wasn’t anything that she couldn’t do or achieve in her life and she expected everybody around her to be just as perfect as she was. Switching between extreme emotions was exhausting.

Did you have to undergo any makeover for the role?

The director has properly researched on choosing the costumes and matching the jewellery. The costumes have a 12th century feel and finish to them. I would effortlessly slip into the character because the costumes made me talk, walk and behave every inch like it. I literally lived the character.
The preparations involved...

The workshops we attended helped me get an understanding of why the characters were designed and structured in a certain way and their relevance to the present times.   

On working with Dhananjaya...

I admire his professionalism. We were shooting a ‘jugalbandi’ scene where Dhananjaya was expected to spin continuously. There was a point when he injured himself and fell down. But that didn’t stop him from shooting his part.