Meet the genie of the bottle

Meet the genie of the bottle

Unique hobbies

Meet the genie of the bottle

Joanna Deepika started exploring the world of arts and crafts to escape boredom during school holidays. “It was during my ninth grade that I first thought of trying something new and started painting. My initial surface was canvas,” she says. “Then I took to glass and bought my first set of glass paints.”

As her works drew appreciation from friends and family, Joanna started trying out more and more things. “I made earrings, paper lanterns, photobooth props and many more things. One day, I noticed how a lot of bottles were stashed away in my house and I decided to do something about those.”

Thus started her tryst with ‘bottle art’ and now she has no plans of going back. The second year BCom student of Surana College talks about she started following Facebook pages and talked to different people to get newer ideas for her projects. “I became quite serious about something that I had only started for fun. My parents were also quite supportive of my interest,” she says.

Her first bottle got a simple makeover; Joanna says she used only twine for the decoration. “It gave it a very rustic and natural look. I put a money plant into the bottle and it is still growing very nicely.” Soon she progressed to more elaborate craft materials and has used paper flowers, embellishments, paints, napkins, tissue paper and so on to make true works of art.

Says Joanna, “My latest concept is that of ‘photo lamps’. I stick a photo on the bottle and then make a nice, elaborate border around it. Then I put LED lights inside the bottle and the end result looks lovely. In fact, many of my friends and relatives have asked me to do something like that for them; it is a favourite with couples in particular. And it is one of my preferred picks too. I think anything with lights has a very special look.”

“There have also been times when I myself have not liked the way a piece turned out; I would feel I hadn’t done that good a job on it. But there would be a lot of people who would love it. It makes me realise how important feedback is. Even though everyone has different tastes, a positive feedback and a word of praise can give you the motivation to follow your dreams. Similarly, being open to negative comments is also necessary. It helps you grow as an artist.”

So intent is Joanna on pursuing her hobby, that she plans to set up a store for her products once she is finished with her studies. “I don’t want to work under a boss; I don’t think I will like that. So I plan to be my own boss. My father is in the marketing field so I am sure he will help me,” she says with a smile, adding, “I will focus on upcycling things. Carton boxes, shampoo bottles and such things can be used in a variety of ways, can be used to make very pretty things. I aim to show people that.” Before that, she wants to pursue an entrepreneurship course from IIM-Bangalore.

As of now, she is focussing on juggling her hobby and her studies.
 “It is very difficult to find the time for this as I can’t neglect my academics. Also,
I live quite far from the market and it gets a bit difficult to go and purchase materials regularly. And I have never quite got the hang of bargaining too,” she laughs.

So she never thought of getting a normal corporate job, what with a BCom degree and all?

“That was always the plan before this happened,” she says. “My path was decided — degree, normal job and so on. But then I found my calling and now, it is all that matters to me.”

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