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The facets of life

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The facets of life

Ek Shaam Premchand Ke Naam’, written and directed by Mathura Kalauny, will be staged at Jagriti theatre, Varthur Road, Whitefield on January 27, 28 and 29.

 The play is an anthology of Munshi Premchand’s short stories and is the stage adaptation of the same. Munshi Premchand believed that literature is the trustworthy knowledge that lights one’s paths when the way is lost, and litterateurs are the torch-bearers of this truth. He was the first Hindi author to introduce social realism in his writings. ‘Ek Shaam Premchand Ke Naam’ will also offer a glimpse into his life events.

The short stories include ‘Kafan’, which is a dark comedy and a heart-wrenching story. It deals with the survival instincts of the dirt poor. In ‘Sadgati’,  Premchand deals with social exploitation of the untouchables, their abject poverty and their dehumanisation by the upper class — a dark truth which keeps re-surfacing even in today's India. ‘Panch Parmeshwar’, a story of responsible behaviour, when you are put in a position of power.

‘Poos Ki Raat’ is the story of a poor farmer who struggles to ward off the bitter cold of winter nights, with only his dog for company. Literature according to Premchand, is a powerful means of educating public opinion. His greatness lies in the fact that his writings embody social purpose and social criticism rather than mere entertainment.

Mathura Kalauny founded Kalyan Theatre Group way back in 1988. So far, he has written 18 full length plays and 20 short plays and directed about 30 plays for Kalyan. ‘Ek Shaam Premchand Ke Naam’ is in Hindi and the run time is 120 minutes. On January 27 and 28, it will be staged at 8 pm. On January 29, the shows will be at 3 pm and 6 pm. The ticket price is Rs 300.

Tickets are available at and Jagriti theatre.