Trump meets Obama at the White House

Trump meets Obama at the White House

Trump meets Obama at the White House

Outgoing President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle warmly welcomed Donald Trump and his wife Melania at the White House just hours before the swearing-in of the 45th President of the US.

Trump's motorcade arrived at the White House where the Obamas were waiting to welcome them. As Trump's car stopped in the driveway, he gave a thumbs-up to the Obamas waiting on top of the stairs in the porch.

"President-elect", Obama said to Trump as he got out of the car.

As the Obamas warmly greeted the Trumps, the outgoing President asked his successor, "How are you, How was Church," referring to the church service that the Trumps attended earlier in the morning before arriving at the White House.

Giving an embrace to Melania, Obama said "So nice to see you."

Melania also presented to Michelle a Tiffany gift, one of the most expensive fine jewelry brands in the world.

As the four prepared to stand for an official photo, Obama remarked to Trump "now you get used to the protocol."

Obama briefly stepped inside to hand the gift to one of his aides and came back as the four posed for the waiting photographers.

The Obamas then walked the Trumps inside the White House, where the presidential couples will have tea before leaving together for the US Capitol where Trump will be sworn-in as the President.