Tales of snapshots

Tales of snapshots

Tales of snapshots
Anoop Nharakkottuthodi was an enthusiastic college student who enjoyed drawing and sketching portraits. But when he entered the world of corporates, he had to give up that passion of his. Shortly afterwards, he heard about some of the photography groups in the city and decided to be a part of them. He took the aid of social media to learn more and enlisted the aid of the internet to experiment with photography. He soon bought a DSLR and now makes sure that he heads out every weekend for photo walks with his friends. He chats with Anila Kurian about his new journey in the world of photography.

Describe your first experience with a camera.
When I decided to become a part of the photography clubs in the city, I purchased a regular Nikon camera. I didn’t know any of the techniques and took help of the internet. Even with a lot of experimentation, I wasn’t too successful. The camera also had its limitations; I just used it for about six months and purchased my first professional camera.

And how has that made a difference in your work now?
I started spending time with a few photographers in the city and learnt a lot from them. I also used Google and YouTube to learn photoshop techniques. I started travelling every weekend to interior villages and this became a serious hobby!

What type of pictures do you capture?
I don’t believe in restricting myself to a particular genre. I take portraits, landscape and lifestyle related kind of photographs. I have done a bit of wildlife photography as well. I want to keep learning new things and experimenting whenever possible.

Your favourite locations for taking pictures? 
I go to different places with a small group of friends every weekend. We travel to places like Shivajinagar, K R Market, Kolar area or to other places just a few kilometres from the city.

A recent favourite place you visited was...
I went to a village near Yelahanka during Ganesh Chaturthi. They were sculpting the idols and painting them there. I found the process very interesting and I clicked it on my camera. The picture was widely shared and appreciated online; it was a proud moment for me.
Photography to you means...
More than just a picture. It is about connecting one’s emotion and becoming a voice. I’ve met people who don’t have the luxury to live like many of us but listening
to their story and connecting that to the picture makes it worthwhile.

Any dream locations you want to go to for pictures?
No, I don’t think you need to go anywhere to take a picture. I can sit in my own house and find stories to tell with my pictures. The place doesn’t really matter.

An advice to aspiring photographers.
Keep clicking pictures and never stop experimenting. No one can teach you to become a good photographer but never stop learning.