Contentment is key to happiness

Striving for the better is inherent to human nature. We all want to be better off, get higher education, find a better job, get a bigger house etc. The list is endless.

Generally, people leave no stone unturned to attain whatever they wish without thinking a bit of the evil consequences of their whims and inconsistencies.

Love of this world, with all its enjoyment, may distract us from seeking the hereafter. We should  always remember that the main purpose of our existence is to worship God. The holy Quran says it is neither your wealth nor your children that bring you nearer to us, but only he who believes and does righteous deeds, for such people there will be a double rewards for what they did and they will reside in high dwellings of paradise and security.

Contentment is key to success and happiness and greed is just contrary to it.
 We should be content with what have been blessed with. Prophet Mohammed said happiness is due to him who is guided to true path and possesses that suffices him for his day and remains content.        
Man’s lust for power and luxurious life, greed for leading a better life and craze to go on increasing the standard of living and unending desire to maximise his gains and pleasure - all incline him to earn more, grab resources as much as he can even by exploiting,usurping or denying others rights. Then, man becomes callous.      
Once upon a time, a cloth merchant lived in a village with his wife and two children.
They had a beautiful hen which was laying a golden egg every day. But the man was not satisfied with this.

 He wanted to get all golden eggs from his hen at one go. One day, he decided to kill the hen and get all the eggs.

He took a sharp knife, chopped off its neck and opened its body.

There was nothing, but blood all around and no trace of any golden egg at all. How jinxed and how foolish he was. He became a pauper.                                            
 One who desires more loses all, one should remain satisfied with what one gets.

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