Break the rules, rock the boho look

Break the rules, rock the boho look

Be hippy: Mix and match the clothes and accessories in your wardrobe to put together an edgy ensemble.

Break the rules, rock the boho look

Bohemia is modern day Czech Republic. The term ‘boho’ is an abbreviation for Bohemian homeless. The style, which derives from the fashion elements sported by hippies of the region, became immensely popular in the Western world in the 1960s and has been periodically resurfacing ever since.

In the recent years, the style has come to be known as ‘boho-chic’ and has become all the rage, thanks to actresses Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Mary-Kate Olson taking to it.

In modern terms, a Bohemian is an artsy person who lives outside the box, with disregard to convention. The Bohemian way of living is mostly attributed to those who choose to follow their own rules and refuse to conform to the standards set by the society. So strong is the allure of this lifestyle that it found takers across the world .

True to its roots, the style is relevant throughout the year, irrespective of what is trending at each point in time. The rules are fluid and it’s perfectly alright to work with what you have in terms of outfits and accessories.

Here are some tips and suggestions to help you to style your boho-chic ensemble with little effort.

What outfits work?

The first and most obvious aspect of your boho ensemble lies in your choice of clothes. Invest in a maxi-dress and a long skirt as they can become the most versatile pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.

Wear the skirt with a graphic t-shirt. If you’re more comfortable with pants, sport a pair of skinny jeans with a knit sweater.

Work in some layers

Layers are an important aspect for achieving the complete boho-chic look. Opt for a casual style by pairing a simple top with an oversized shirt or cardigan and complete it with a stole, light shawl, or muffler.

However, try not to get too excited or go overboard! Balance your look with each item of clothing. Mix it up by matching plain with pattern and fitting with baggy.

How to accessorise

There are many ways in which you can highlight your look using certain statement pieces and a little bit of creativity.

If you wish to keep it minimal, wear a bunch of quirky bracelets that give you a slightly edgy look and yet, help you stay classy. Bracelets made of silver, quartz, semi-precious stones, or even colourful wooden bangles can help you bring out your stylish self.

Other accessories that can complement the boho-chic look are dangler earrings, chunky necklaces (you can wear multiple slender ones as well), and even stylish hats like fedoras. If you’re the adventurous sort, sport headbands and flower crowns.

What about hair & make-up?

 Make sure your hair and make-up compliment the rest of your look. Just like your clothes, choose make-up in light shades. Go for nudes or natural colours that are closest to your skin tone and make sure to blend it well before applying. Choose matte lipsticks in earthy colours to complete the look.

The idea behind a boho-chic look is to be natural. Therefore, if possible, let your hair loose. Make it look casual and effortless – loose braids and waterfall waves are currently the most popular hair styling options for this look.

Ooh, about shoes!

Last but not the least, complete your boho look by wearing comfortable ankle boots. The most popular kind of boots associated with the boho-chic trend is the one in suede with fringes. These go excellently with high-low skirts and dresses (they are short in the front and long at the back). Elegant strappy sandals or sneakers are also a great choice. Again, opt for neutral shades like beige or light-brown.

The boho-chic style is amazing for so many reasons. The most of important one is that it lets you dress comfortably without compromising on the oomph factor. And unlike other styles, you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to look trendy this way. Carefully mix and match the outfits and accessories that you have in your wardrobe and you will have yourself an ensemble that makes heads turn! 

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