For a sumptuous meal

For a sumptuous meal

Chill 'n' dine

For a sumptuous meal

It feels like you have walked into a burst of colours when you walk into ‘Tipsy Bull — The Bar Exchange’ restaurant in Indiranagar. It’s colourful, bright and has a lot going on at every floor — each with its own twist to it.

Keeping in mind the garage bar kind of setup, the restaurant has set up a creative installation of a bull, made with mechanical equipment. There is a ticker showing the prices of different drinks and a wall full of clocks showing the different time zones across the globe.

Unlike other places, ‘Tipsy Bull’ has its own way of showcasing its drinks menu. One has to choose from the television screen or the mobile app  to place an order for a drink. The more the demand for the drink, the higher it costs.

So one has to be quick in choosing what they want and play well to get the drink of your choice. Who knows, you might just learn a few things about the stock exchange with this interactive concept too! As for the food offered, there’s a mix of small eats to appetisers, main courses to desserts. While there is no particular cuisine that defines the theme of the restaurant, they keep it simple, yet delicious and whip up some tasty nibbles.

Their much-talked about option is the ‘Chakna with a twist’. The ‘Szechuan peanuts’ is an interesting dish with its crunchy elements. And though the ‘Nachos’ are also a good choice, if not eaten fast enough, it will get soggy and probably ruin your taste buds.

The appetisers-on-grills are spicy, toasty and just what you need to enjoy the evening. The ‘Grilled chicken teriyaki’ packs a punch with its flavours, while the ‘Thai chicken’ has a taste that not everyone may like. If you aren’t looking for an Indianised version of chicken, this is a good choice, though.

For fish lovers, the ‘Fish tikka marinated with in-house special mustard’ is a simple and delicious option.

For the main course, the ‘Cheese and nut pasta’ is recommended. It fills you up and gives you just what you asked for — loads of cheese with  white sauce and  nuts to add in the crunchy element. But if you want something lighter, the ‘Batata vada pav’ and ‘Chicken patties pav’ is also recommended. One can also relish the ‘Peri peri chicken pizza’ and ‘Pepperoni pizza’ if you are in the mood for  Italian.

As they offer an array of cuisines in the menu, you can also enjoy ‘Idiyappam butter chicken stew’, ‘Dhokla fenugreek flavours chicken mille fuie’ and ‘Goan fish curry with steam rice’. Finish off your meal with ‘Coconut malibu pannacotta’ and ‘Joake shai’, which is an in-house special.

Overall, it’s a fun place to hang out as you can keep a tab on the prices of drinks going up and down, have a good time with your friends and family and have a sumptuous meal.

‘Tipsy Bull — The Bar Exchange’ is located at 2008, 100 Feet Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar. For details, call 9886984357.