Police to reward Good Samaritans under new law

Police to reward Good Samaritans under new law

Police to reward Good Samaritans under new law

The Bengaluru police are planning to introduce a reward system for people who help victims of road accidents.

Police Commissioner Praveen Sood has urged his men to enforce the Karnataka Good Samaritan and Medical Professional (Protection and Regulation during Emergency Situations) Act in letter and spirit. The law came into force last year.

He conceded that people do not come forward to help road accident victims because they are scared of police procedures and fear harassment. To encourage Good Samaritans, police are planning a reward system.

The reward need not be monetary as many people do not expect money. Even a ‘thank you’ from police will boost their morale, he said. “The rate of conviction in traffic accidents is very low. If this law is enforced, more lives can be saved and more people will come forward to help the victims,” he added.

He said all police officers, especially traffic personnel, had been instructed to save the lives of accident victims first.

They have also been told not to call Good Samaritans to the police station to sign on procedural forms as witnesses. If witnesses choose to maintain anonymity, that should be respected. Police officers should not seek their identity and other details as that may deter them, he said.

Another senior officer lamented that police personnel were not enforcing the Act even after it came into effect last year and the rules were framed. “Police officers need to be trained in politeness. Implementing this law isn’t difficult. The initiative should come from within. This law will help to bridge the gap between police and the public,” the officer said.
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