'I communicate better without words'

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'I communicate better without words'

Bharath Kashyap realised that music was his first love many years back. Having been a singer and active with different bands in the city earlier, the young guitarist is all excited about his latest album ‘Running Revolution’ which was released recently. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, Bharath talks about his journey so far.

When did your music journey start?

I have been into music all my life. I remember strumming for the first time in 2010 and I loved it. My mother used to sing and I was interested in Hindustani classical music. I am not trained but I did pick up some nuances of it from my mother. Slowly, my inclination changed to Western music around the eighth grade. Now, while I do my own things, I also teach music at Artista Academy of Music.

Why did you turn a solo artiste?

Though I enjoyed playing with bands, I went solo because I wanted to explore music on my own. I am a guitarist and I try to produce the music that I hear in my head.

How would you define your music?

I am into all sorts of music. I do not like to limit my work. From progressive rock to jazz and blues, I love it all.

A bit about your album.

My album ‘Running Revolution’ is a progressive rock and instrumental collection. The album has nine songs; it is around 58 minutes long and is an amalgamation of all the ideas I had in my head. Each of the songs in the album were written at different points of time in my life. I had been writing the songs for years and it is only in 2015 that I started working seriously on it.

How diverse are the different songs?

Honestly, I haven’t separated them into any themes. I have tried to convey the same things that most singer-songwriters try to convey through their music and words. It’s a tough job to convey emotions in a few notes. But I deeply connect with my album and it is me.

My personal favourite in the album is the title track itself. The album also includes songs like ‘Blackhole 101’ and ends with a song called ‘Conclusion’.

Why did you choose notes over words?

Despite being a singer earlier, I chose to be in the world of notes rather than in the world of words, because I realised that I communicate better without words.

Your influences...

I am influenced by the Australian guitarist Plini. I am also a huge fan of Alter Bridge. Artistes like Steve Vai and songwriters like Steven Wilson are also great inspirations. The melodies they write and the kind of notes they choose — sometimes their songs are very quiet and ambient. The way these artistes play their guitar has influenced me.

Music to you is...

I have been surrounded with music and this is what has kept me going till now. Music is a form of motivation like none other. Nothing has motivated me as much as music has.

If not a musician, you would have been...

The last time I checked, I wanted to be a CA, but that clearly didn’t happen. (Laughs) I am really happy with where I am.

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