The simplicity of home

Traditional touch

The simplicity of home

This is not an extravagant restaurant — one that is air-conditioned with high-end furniture and fancy lights. However, what makes it standout is the delicious range of ‘naati-style’ dishes that it offers coupled with good service. It has just about everything that you need to satisfy your food craving.

‘Royal Chef Naati Oota’ is located in JP Nagar but many from across the city pay a visit here to enjoy the delicious food. It’s probably the simplicity of the place that encourages one to come back here again and again. The dishes are served in plantain leaves adding an extra flavour to the already delicious meal.

As the prices are not too heavy on the pockets, one can eat to their heart’s content. The quantity is sufficient for one, sometimes even for two, if you are not too hungry. Though it is not too spicy, it is better to mention your spice requirement when you place the order.

The ‘Mushroom chilli’, ‘Babycorn Manchurian’ and ‘Paneer pepper dry’ are some of the popular vegetarian starters that one can enjoy. In the non-vegetarian option, the ‘Naati koli fry’ and ‘Pudina chicken’ are a must-try. They are juicy, spicy and will make one order for more. Apart from the regular options, the one thing that many customers rave about is the mutton preparations here.

The ‘Mutton kheema dry’, ‘Mutton boti fry’ and ‘Tale mamsa’ are something the mutton-lovers will relish. But be aware of the quantity of salt used in the dish — it might be a bit too much for one to take. Keeping a glass of water at hand is recommended!

The restaurant also offers soups like ‘Mutton paya soup’ and ‘Mutton pain soup’. If one is not used to the taste of this soup, you might find it too watery and salty. But if you don’t want to go to through the hassle of ordering multiple things, you can opt for the ‘thaali’. The ‘Chicken thali with chappati’, ‘Chicken thali with the raagi ball’ and more are some of the options that you can choose from. With their not too exquisite menu, the ‘biryani’ is also much sought-after. Served in ‘donne’ style, the ‘Mutton biryani’, ‘Naati oota special chicken biryani’ and ‘Egg biryani’ are the fast-selling items from the menu.

While it feels like the meat is taking over the palates of the customers, they have some good options for fish lovers as well. As per the catch of the day, they offer ‘Bangda fry’, ‘Anjal fish fry’, ‘Prawns chilli’ and ‘Prawns kebab’. However, if none of this suits your palate, you can choose from the Chinese items like ‘Chicken fried rice’ and ‘Egg fried rice’.

Overall, the restaurant is a small place where one can hop in for a quick meal and go for a takeaway also. If you enjoy South Indian food, this restaurant will definitely bring a smile on to your face.

The ‘Royal Chef Naati Oota’ is located at 312, 15th cross, JP Nagar 5th Phase. For details, call 32523232.

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